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DateLine Thursday, 22 March 2007

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Defeat terrorism

At a time when the national security of the country is threatened, it must be said that the service being rendered by the Security Forces is nothing if not commendable.

In the face of attacks by the ruthless, bloodthirsty LTTE terrorists who have been fighting for a separate state for over two decades, we see the Security Forces members are engaged in the arduous task of safeguarding the territorial integrity of the country.

As a matter of fact these soldiers have to mount guard in all types of weather so as to assure security.

It’s clear on all counts that the LTTE is a terrorist outfit whose ulterior motive is to establish a self-interim adminstration within the Jaffna Peninsula taking the Tamil community for a ride.

The terrorists go through the motions of posing as the sole representative of the Tamil community and their main targets are the military chiefs and politicians.

By now, the Security Forces have been able to flush the enemies out of their strongholds and have achieved victories against the terrorist outfit. In the midst of continuous terrorist offensives, the only course of action left for the Government is to retaliate or to wage an undeclared war on terrorists to annihilate them.

Here, we’re reminded of a certain statement by the breakaway Karuna faction, which says that first terrorism should be defeated militarily and next the issues of the Tamil community should be resolved politically.

It seems that by now, a large number of civilians are displaced as a result of brutal LTTE terrorists attacks.

It’s to be regretted that there is only a handful of individuals among us who are attempting to supply Oxygen to the dying terrorism.

It’s these people who betray the country and underestimate the victories, so far achieved by the Armed Forces.

Also, it has to be accepted that there would be no peace in the country as long as terrorism exists.

What’s needed to be done is to defeat terrorism.

That may be why the Government has to answer terrorists in the language they understand.

Terrorism has also become a major threat to the development efforts of the country as no development is possible as long as a war exists.

However, it’s commendable that despite the threat of terrorism, the Government is giving priority to the development process too.

Since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the two sides, the LTTE has violated it many times, which resulted in military action and beyond doubt, it’s the LTTE who is now in a weak position.

I think regarding the peace move, what needs to be done is to strengthen the country’s Army and their morale to achieve victory.

At the moment the Security Forces members are playing a vital role in the protection of the nation and their great service should be highly appreciated.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to all the severicemen.

Likewise, we must salute the courage of all those who had fought for the country’s security.

It’s up to all of us to assist in the Government’s peace effort, having put aside party differences.


Colombo 10

Bahu Vs Yapa

Ariyadasa Yapa (DN March 12) had completely failed to digest the issues raised by Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratne (DN March 10).

Instead he has picked a cursory remark made more in irony on the subject of qualifications and had chosen to go on in a tangent quite angrily, alternating between idiocy and lunacy in a senseless display of mud slinging.

Normally I will be reluctant to respond to such meaningless comments. But as an ex-engineering student of Bahu and a fellow batch mate of Yapa who had sat in the same lecture rooms and followed the same lectures (at Peradeniya in 1972-75) I must post these comments.

As far as I know Ariyadasa Yapa left the island in late seventies or early eighties and since then had been living overseas. Clearly he is light years away from understanding the contemporary Sri Lankan politics and the complex problems faced by the country and the society.

I am too an apolitical person, but this does not mean that university students or lecturers or anyone with voting rights should be denied their fundamental right of expressing their political views or dissent (particularly with respect to social injustices) in a legitimate manner.

Bahu was arrested more than once - on one occasion for hoisting a black flag in his quarters as a protest against the 1978 Constitution giving dictatorial executive powers to one person, an act that has proved to be the bane of the country, which we all must agree at least now on hindsight.

He was also arrested in 1981 in Fort for peacefully demonstrating against JRJ’s ruthless mass scale sacking of public servants for going on strike - an unprecedented undemocratic act in Sri Lanka.

After more than three decades, though his performance as a lecturer may not have relevance to his current role in politics, it is uncharitable to say that Bahu never did his job right as a lecturer.

It is certainly a lie to say that he promoted violence, sabotage and vandalism.

I do not recall a single instance in which Bahu tried to use his position to preach students on his political ideology, certainly not during the course of a lecture.

Contrary to what Yapa had pictured, Bahu was generally regarded as a good lecturer, was popular and highly respected by the entire student community and the staff. He was academically brilliant, charismatic and was one of the few lecturers who knew how to mix with the students. As students, we were simply fascinated by his charismatic personality.

Being the wide eyed, naive undergraduates, we could not then understand how a person of his calibre (who could have achieved anything he wanted in the field of engineering) could get attracted to politics of the masses. Some time in the late seventies or early eighties, Bahu decided to get in to politics full time.



via email

Second class citizens in our own country

Gamini Ranjit’s letter (DN Feb. 28) should be seen and action taken by all concerned. We scold the British who did so much for us by way of railroads, schools, excellent health and education as well as subsidies that they introduced but still wait with hat in hand for the Norsemen, World Bank, Japanese etc.


via email

Safety of pipe borne water

This is in reply to the comment by Terrence B. De Silva of Saudi Arabia published in the Daily News on March 8.

Treated water quality is closely monitored by the National Water Supply & Drainage Board (NWSDB) through its laboratories located at respective treatment plants. The Greater Colombo Water Distribution system is fed by Ambatale, Labugama, Kalatuwawa and Kaluganga water treatment plants.

All these locations are equipped with water quality testing laboratories which carry out regular water quality testing to ensure water safety. Drinking water in the distribution system is tested for conformity to SLS standards and WHO guidelines on drinking water quality by the NWSDB.

Further this testing programme is enhanced by third party observations, namely National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) and Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) laboratories. This testing mechanism guarantees the safety of the drinking water supplied to Greater Colombo.

Further, NWSDB is maintaining a laboratory network comprising of 17 regional laboratories in addition to the central laboratory located at Ratmalana for testing drinking water quality. Also UNICEF assisted water quality surveillance programme is being implemented to guarantee the drinking water quality throughout the island.


General Manager

National Water Supply and Drainage Board


Do we have traffic lights?

When I drive in and around Colombo, I often wonder as to whether we have traffic lights.

For when the green comes on the traffic does not move. Sometimes, it is because a few vehicles have an attempt to beat the red have gone beyond the lights and therefore do not know when the green comes.

Otherwise, it is because the Police have taken over handling the junctions. This causes chaos on the roads.

At the Kanatte Junction, sometimes for a considerable amount of time, no traffic movement is possible in certain directions.

Also on the Parliament Road near the Hospital with the green on, the Police stop us to allow persons to cross to go to the Hospital. All these delay us and make it difficult for us to keep to time.





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