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Sunset in Thirukkovil.
Picture by M. Rajamoney.

Defenders of the Nation

MOST countries which have experienced war or armed strife keep a day to remember those heroes who have defended their country with blood, sweat and tears. They honour the official armed services - not militants, rebels or terrorists who wage war against the sovereign people and the law of the land.

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Lassana people in Lassana Sri Lanka

THE most Sri Lankans like to see the darker side of life or the other side of life. Please note, I say most, NOT all. A friend once said, "We always try to find fault. Go even to the theater and we find a negative audience. Why can't we look at the brighter side of life and the plusses not the minuses?"

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The significance of June 07:

Remembrance Day from a national perspective

THE week beginning June 1 is declared the National Remembrance Week and will be dedicated to the memory of the Heroes who gave their lives for the territorial integrity of the motherland.

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A leaf from South Africa on conflict-resolution

THE Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE should not only talk directly to each other, without outside help or facilitation, they must do it right here and now in Sri Lanka on the basis of an inclusive process which involves all sections of relevant local opinion.

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Daily News Photo essay:
A painter and a philosopher
Pushpananda Weerasinghe (1942-2006)

Please Mr. Minister

Lassana people in Lassana Sri Lanka


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