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Ashraff Congress established

by Rashomi Silva

The Ashraff Congress, a "people's renaissance movement" established by the dissident group of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress was established to espouse the vision of the late Muslim Congress leader and founder M.H.M. Ashraff, the Movement's Secretary General Dr. A.L.M. Hafrath said yesterday.

"Our movement aims to carry forward the vision of our late leader Ashraff," Hafrath told a news conference.

Dr. Hafrath emphasised that their movement is by no means a political party or a movement designed to support any existing political party. "It is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO)."

"If not for the prudent leadership of Ashraff the Muslim community particulary in the North-East would have taken arms to win their rights. However, after the demise of Ashraff, the Muslim community especially in North and East are being abandoned and are left without proper leadership and guidance. It is the endeavour of our movement to guide the Muslim Community to guide them through the democratic path".

The leader of the movement S. Subairdeen said that the movement stands for equal and just rights for all the communities in the North and East. The concept behind the movement is to uplift social, economic and cultural spheres of the communities. "Our struggle is to win political and socio-economic rights of all communities in the North-East," he explained. Special emphasis will be paid to protection of Human Rights of all communities."

He said it is the wish of the Ashraff Congress that the country will achieve peace very soon and the Congress is ready to talk with the LTTE if they are willing.

Explaining the stand of the Ashraff Congress, Subairdeen said that if the North and East are merged, they would seek special representation for Muslims.

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