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Hakeem unanimously elected as SLMC's national leader

by A. H. M. Farook

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress delegates who assembled at the 18th annual delegates conference held last Sunday at the Mahaweli Training Institute, Colombo, unanimously elected Minister Rauff Hakeem as the national leader of the party for the second successive year.

Newly elected deputy chairman of Majlis Shoorah Moulavi A. L. M. Kaleel administered the Oath of Allegiance of party delegates to the newly elected leader in keeping with the Islamic religious practice.

Minister Hakeem, thanking the delegates over his unanimous election as party leader appealed to dissident group members to come back to the party immediately.

He warned that if they still persisted they would be dismissed from the party adding that this was necessary to strengthen the SLMC base.

The mandate of the people is for the party, it doesn't belong to any individual, Hakeem said.

Some efforts are being made to change the government without an election. Those who fear an election will only resort to this. We, as a party, will not hesitate for such an eventuality. But we hope this won't happen, Hakeem said.

Parliamentarian Basheer Segu Dawood was elected Chairman of the party while M. T. Hassan Ali was elected Secretary General. Eastern Province Parliamentarian H. M. M. Harees became the new National Treasurer of the party.

Other office bearers are as follows: Senior Deputy Leader: A. L. Abdul Majeed; Deputy Leaders: Anver Ismail MP, N. M. Saheed, Farook Majeed; National Organiser: K. A. Baiz; National Propaganda Secretary: A. C. Rawther Naina Mohamed; National Co-ordinating Secretary: Rishard Badurdeen MP; Chairman Majlis Shoorah: As-Sheikh Inamulla; Ulama Congress Director: Moulavi H. M. M. Ilyas; Add. Propaganda Secretary: K. M. Thoufeek MP; Deputy Secretary-General: Y. L. S. Hameed; Deputy Propaganda Secretary: S. M. Gouse; Director of International Affairs Attorney-at-Law: A. M. Faais; Director Constitutional Affairs: S. Nijamudeen; Deputy Treasurer: M. S. M. Aslam; Deputy National Co-ordinating Secretary: M. I. M. Mansoor; Deputy Chairman: M. S. Thoufeek MP, Deputy National Organiser U. T. M. Anver.

Resolutions adopted at the conference included the demands for well-balanced Muslim participation at future peace talks as an independent third party and a separate Muslim administrative unit based in the South East inclusive of areas in the North East.

Delegates consisted of 64 Pradeshiya Sabha members and 6 Municipal Council Members of the party from areas outside the North-East.



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