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Commentators making sweeping statements and refusing to face up to the facts - such people are now ten rupees per dozen in this country. But the practice seems to have been put to overuse, with the recent issue of the speech made by Judge Vigneshwaran at the so called Bar Association convocation.

The Judge's speech and the nexus between an Eelamist rump effort to prostitute the judiciary of this country to further the ends of the Eelam lobby was well established with arguments. The commentators have not had the spunk to meet any of these.

Instead, they have been writing silly web postings and op-ed articles that seem to maintain a certain 'conventional wisdom' being that judges making verbose speeches in Colombo lobby rooms cannot possibly be Kotiyas in disguise!

Their minds should be referred back to the period of a former Attorney-General whose tenure was long and eventful, during the Presidency of a person under whom this AG flourished in his post. His name was Shiva Pasupathi.

He made use of the best that could be extracted from the system. His name was associated with high sounding values and attributes such as erudition and forthrightness. He made speeches. He was feted by the elite of the day. He was a pillar of the establishment while also being a darling of the educated detractors!

But the most significant thing about him was the fact that he was the last person that the Colombo elite would have associated with the fascist Tamil Tigers.

But to cut a long story short, after Pasupathi retired, and when it was time for the Sri Lankan government to negotiate with the LTTE on one of those occasions when the Tigers took the government of the day for a long ride after which most of the government party negotiators ended upto inside the Tiger, whose name was on the list of Tamil Tiger representatives?

Why, that of Shiva Pasupati of course.

Yet the Colombo elite purports to tell us that suave, gentlemanly looking Colombo legal eagle types cannot possibly be so devious, and so scheming behind their liberal veneers.

This is why it needs facts and references to deconstruct the high sounding arguments of some of the liberals in Colombo's dissident circuit, which drip the saccharine of good governance and rule of law values. But the world is full of wolves in sheep's clothing.

Good governance advocates have been retained by foreign intelligence agencies to cause regime change in continents such as Latin America in particular. The facts are incontrovertible in this regard.

Not all of the tripe that is written by the hyena like commentariat needs to be gone through with a fine tooth comb. Most of the rubbish written is just that - rubbish. But, there are some tracts that try to spin the reality through various devices that are comic, and for the sheer fun of deconstructing the palpably absurd, these people should be taken down one by one. There is one columnist that suggests that the Kotiya will come again - which is why it is dangerous to cry Kotiya Kotiya all the time, we are told.

The Kotiya will never come again. It is the wish of these columnists of course that the Tiger will make a reappearance so that their own fantasies about a government of filthy rich, expedient Colombo has-beens with vested interests would be a reality.

Most of the Colombo civil society types are the clones of this type that day dreams about the return of the Kotiya through the agency of various Shiva Pasupathi type crouching Tigers and others.

That day will never come, the people are more vigilant. They have the facts and arguments on their side. The others have moda jokes and gon parts by comparison - inanities really, and sweeping statements, good for comic relief.

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