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Thursday, 14 February 2013






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Naveen Pillai naive or nonsensical?

United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Naveen Pillai girding her loins to resume her failed witch-hunt against Sri Lanka at the Geneva Council sessions in March last year, this time, too, has in a manner of speaking --’got her knickers in a twist’. Sri Lanka has categorically stated that it totally rejects resolutions which violate the sovereignty of this country. Article 2 of the United Nations Charter enjoins every member nation to refrain from threatening or using force to undermine the territorial integrity or territorial independence of any other member essentially which are the domestic jurisdiction of any state, or require the members to submit such matters to settlement under the present charter.

United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Naveen Pillai

The government has said, and very rightly so, that it will summarily reject any Resolution against this country as it has fulfilled the requirements of the UN as a member country.

Last Thursday night, I was watching the well known CNN presenter Christaine Amanpour interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s, spokesman when she said that the latest impediments to President Obama visiting Russia were the ban on Child Adoption by Americans and the protests against the Russian government. To which the Russian replied that both these were domestic matters. This was clearly a reference to Article 2 of the UN Charter, which prohibits other member countries intervening in the domestic matters of another member.

Western countries

Naveen Pillai has consistently tried to poke her stodgy fingers into the domestic affairs of Sri Lanka in direct violation of the UN Charter, although she as Human Rights Commissioner is a paid employee of the UN. Pillai must be sacked from her post for over stepping her mandate. Israel, too, has shoed off the Human Rights? Council. The irony of it is that the US which proposed the motion against Sri Lanka in March 2012, has blocked all Human Rights Resolutions against Israel. O Tempore O Mores!

Israel Prime Minister Natanyahu has such contempt for Naveen Pillai and the UN Human Rights Council that he has described it as a ‘hypocritical body’ and said any UN fact finding team will be barred from entering Israel. The usually garrulous Human Rights Commissioner has been rendered impotent. No sound, no fury as in the case of Sri Lanka, but only silence.

While Naveen Pillai had the brass to warn Sri Lanka not to intimidate citizens who lobbied for the American motion against Sri Lanka last year. If she seeks to protect blood sucking NGOs representing Western countries and their ilk, well fed and well funded, making millions of dollars by selling their country and their souls. Undoubtedly, there is a special place in Hell reserved for these Judases. These made merry during the 30 years of LTTE terrorism styling Prabhakaran and his gangs of murdering, marauding, ruthless criminals who even committed horrendous acts of genocide of Sinhalese, and Muslims - men, women and children, as ‘Freedom Fighters’.

I have seen the bodies of women and infants slaughtered by the LTTE terrorists, while suckling their mothers’ breasts. And the West including media and their hireling NGOs call these terrorist brutes ‘Freedom Fighters’. Freedom fighters, my foot!

And what were Naveen Pillai and the UNHCR doing to end this naked inhuman terrorism? Sweet nothing.

A US assassination drone. File photo

The head of the Human Rights Council Naveen Pillai who bares her fangs at the drop of a hat when it comes to Sri Lanka, is a toothless tiger when it comes to Human Rights violations committed by Western countries, or those backed by them. A case in point is Israel, where all Resolutions of Human Rights violations against it, were blocked by the US and the ‘high fallutin’ Human Rights Commissioner was silent as a mouse.

Drone massacres

When it comes to dealing with big and powerful states Bully Girl Pillai is as quiet and silent, impotent..Or else she will undoubtedly lose her job. So, she confines herself to hunting with the big Western bullies as they hound the small states. Truth is the most powerful weapon. And Sri Lanka has the truth on her side. Remember how the brave and courageous David felled the giant Goliath?

What does Naveen Pillai have to say about the racial discrimination in Britain in France?

The thousands of civilians killed by the Coaltion Forces in Afgahnistan led by the US. The Drone massacres.

Political agendas

One hundred and ninety two Iraqi civilians have filed action in the British High Court for alleged mistreatment by British Forces based in Iraq. These allegations include abuse and torture of the level of the infamous US run Abu Gharib jail. The prosecutor appearing for them has called for an independent judge led Inquiry into the conduct of British Forces in Iraq during the period March 2003 to December 2008. In 2012, the Court of Appeal ruled that the body set up by the British Ministry of Defence to investigate allegations of mistreatment by British troops. The Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT), lacked “the requisite independence” and ministers had failed comply with obligations under human rights legislation.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa pulled no punches when in a stirring Independence Day Address, he emphasised the fact Sri Lanka was a sovereign State which would brook no interference from countries trying to poke their fingers into our affairs to fulfill their insidious political agendas.

The West was firmly told that Sri Lanka respects and adheres to the United Nations Charter which stipulates the upholding of the principle of the sovereign equality of all its members. Fellow member States must respect its sovereignty as a member State. Nothing contained in the Charter authorized the UN to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any State or shall require the Members to submit such matters to settlement under the present Charter.

Abu Gharib prison in Iraq. File photo

Article 2 of the UN Charter states that the United Nations Organisation is based on the sovereign equality of all is members. All members in their international relations shall refrain, in their relations, from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State or any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.

Ever since this country gained Independence these bully boys from the West have treated Sri Lanka as their political backyard, an operational base for their regional and international machinations.

If we do not cow down to them and act according to their dictates, the US, Britain and France threaten us with sanctions such as the recent European Union threat to boycott our garment exports. They secretly fund and engineer strikes, student agitation and other anti national activity to weaken the government and cause its downfall.

The government has extended an invitation to UN Human Rights Commissioner Pillai to visit Sri Lanka and apprise herself of the true situation in this country, instead of basing her decisions and views on unreliable two bit NGO pied piper reports tailored to meet the insidious agendas of the Western countries, hell bent on destabilising the lawfully elected government of Sri Lanka and installing one which will carry out their dictates.



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