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Wednesday, 3 January 2013






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Why should Statins be used to bring down cholesterol levels?

How safe are statins that people take to control their cholesterol levels? It is correct that statins act by blocking the enzyme in the liver that is responsible for making cholesterol. Physicians prescribe statins like Lipitor, Crestor, Zorcor, Levacor and Pravachol to patients and their sales have increased over the years. Cardiologists state that statins have minimized heart attacks and strokes yet the incidence of heart diseases, strokes, kidney diseases do not seem to have reduced in Sri Lanka.

A paper published in a Cardiovascular Drugs Journal reveals that statins also block the nutrient CoQ10 which provides energy for the workings of the heart muscles and the brain. CoQ10 nutrient is vital for mitocondrial health. Mitochondion is a small part found in most cells in human bodies in which the energy in food is released.

According to latest medical research reports, if statin medication makes a person feel tired and show lack of energy, it would be due to the low levels of CoQ10 supply to feed the mitochondria in every cell in the body.

Patients on statin medication are therefore obliged to take CoQ10 in consultation with their Physicians. There are also reports to show that statin should not be used to lower the cholesterol level in the blood of the over 70s.

* Medicinal researchers conclude that statins may produce side effects, especially in females. Therefore if any development of side effects are suspected after taking statin medication, wouldn't it be best to discuss it with the doctor who may reduce the dosage?

* The current view of researchers is that the cholesterol theory cannot be accepted as the case for heart diseases.

* Some believe that it is the low HDL (good) cholesterol which is responsible for heart diseases and that the LDL (bad) cholesterol circulating in the blood is beneficial to the well-being and that both forms of cholesterol transport fat to the muscles, heart, fat stores and other tissues and that they too function as anti-oxidants.

* The questions then arise whether we should take statins at all to bring down the cholesterol when it is supposed to serve a beneficial purpose and whether we should take statins even if we have normal cholesterol. In this complicated situation it would be best for people to change their lifestyles by the following methods.

* Eating food with the least amount of saturated fat in them and cutting down saturated fat content to less than 10% by reducing meat consumption and dairy products.

* Increasing the intake of salads, dark green vegetables and fish.

* Exercising every day to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.


Opposition giving0020oxygen to CJ

The Opposition claims that there is a crisis in Sri Lanka because of the impeachment of Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake. There are 14 serious charges against the CJ. The PSC recommendations have been given to the Speaker and as it is the sword of Damocles is hanging over her head. So the Opposition, NGO's, LTTE proxies and so on are doing their best to give her a life-line. They propose proroguing Parliament, appointing a panel from the Commonwealth, amendments to the constitution etc. They are not the least concerned about matters such as the plight of the Golden Key depositors (two committed suicide), the Rs. 1.6 million discount given to CJ by Ceylinco and so on.

The CJ demonstrated her ‘strength’ to the government by getting the anti-govt forces and the lawyers to dash coconuts, hold posters, go on demonstrations, pose for photographs and so on in the Supreme Court premises.

There had been a brawl at the premises after a BASL meeting because of the chairman's political affiliations. This had led to a rift among lawyers and the Vice President has resigned. Thus the CJ had politicised the whole issue. Bankrupt politicians have already invited her to join their ranks.

On the other hand, when Chief Justices Neville Samarakone and Sarath Silva faced impeachment probes they did not make them 'circuses'. They did things quietly in a respectable manner and preserved the dignity of the posts they held. Preserving the sanctity of the Supreme Court premises they left to Parliament for PSC meetings through the backdoor and there were no demonstrations, dramas, cameras rolling etc.

In this connection it has to be noted that during the UNP regime JR sacked eight judges unceremoniously. Then, judges houses were stoned if they gave a verdict which was not to the liking of the UNP. And today they are shedding crocodile tears and manipulating to give ‘oxygen’ to the CJ who had conducted herself in a manner unbecoming of a Chief Justice. As opposed to the role followed by the Opposition many experts have said that the best thing the CJ should do is to step down.

P.A. Samaraweera

Ethics and Entrances

Being impressed by the front page news item of the Daily News of November 26, 2012 under the above title which was subject to further reference on the front page and page 3 of the issue of the 29th with a quotation from the Parliamentary proceedings thereof, I wish to refer to the two lawyers referred to, who had escaped queries by the media although they were seen riding in the official car of the Chief Justice.

The official car of the CJ is government property meant for her use and how moral or ethical is it for the CJ to permit the two private lawyers to travel with her? The ‘registered attorney’ of the CJ was seen in the pictures proudly and majestically seated in the rear seat with the CJ.

The face of the other lawyer who was seated in the front seat was not visible in the snapshot. The ‘registered attorney’ is a well know sympathiser of the Tamil diaspora.

Was it morally and ethically correct for these lawyers to use the CJ's official car for the trip when they could have used other modes of travel?

D.K. Ranasinghe, Dehiwala.

Justice botched, pray for GK depositors

The above titled article in the Daily News of December 26, 2012 was an appeal to the Christian community on Christmas Day. Prayer is communicating with our creator, God. Hence, anybody can talk to God at anytime.

Just believe in your heart and let God's will be done in his time. He has promised to make all things beautiful in his time so hope and trust in God and don't have any confidence in mortal man. I'm sure many believers would have responded to the appeal.

God will also mete out justice and punish the defrauders. "Vengeance is mine, I will repay" ( Deuteronomy 32: 35 and Romans 12:19) is a promise God has made. Pray or talk to God in Jesus' name as only He has died for all mankind and rose again. Justice will prevail.

C. Jayatunge - Kohuwala

Settlement of bills at Banks

Instructions to customers given on the back of LECO electricity bills, specifically state that payments of these bill can be made at all People's Banks, probably by arrangements made by top-notches of the two organisations.

But Bank Managers who appear to be unaware of these arrangements insist on cheques drawn on their own Banks. As a result bill-settlers are driven from pillar to post, on trivial grounds such as insisting on same bank cheques, the payment be an enhanced amount, when settling electricity, water, telephone, TV, mobile bills etc.

Branch Managers insisting on same Bank cheques and refusing other Bank cheques to my mind are violating fair banking practice.

We appeal to regular billing authorities such as the CEB, LECO, SLT, Water Board, Mobitel, Dialog etc to organise common Bill-Collecting Centres in major towns such as Maharagama, Nugegoda, and Homagama where such bills could be paid without hassels, a course of action which would relieve hazards faced by Bill-settlers.

W. Samaranayake - Maharagama



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