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Tuesday, 4 December 2012






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Bring attackers to book, trishaw drivers say

Threaten countrywide protest rally:

The National Federation of United Three Wheel Drivers’ Association yesterday said they will stage a countrywide protest rally no other trade union or professional organisation has ever staged, if the Police and Judiciary will not take steps to bring to book lawyers who attacked their member Rohana Perera opposite the Superior Courts complex in Hulftsdorp.

Federation president Lalith Dharmasekera told a press conference in Colombo that three wheeler drivers decided on a two-week wait before they take any action, so that the Police have enough time to bring the culprits to justice.

Officials and members of the All Island Three Wheel Drivers’ Association, All Island Meter Taxi Association of Sri Lanka, National Joint Three Wheelers’ Association, Jathika Ekabadda Thriroda Ratha Riyadurange Samithiya and All Island Three Wheel Drivers’ Union were present.

Jathika Ekabadda Thriroda Ratha Riyadurange Samithiya Secretary Rohana Perera was reportedly attack during a protest rally held by three wheeler drivers under the theme ‘Protect Judiciary from Corrupt Allies’ (Dushitha Gajamithurangen Adhikaranaya Bera Ganimu)on Friday.

Dharmasekera said: “We expect the Police to take legal steps against the lawyers who carried out the attack.

“We have obeyed law and order and kept peace as responsible citizens then. The lawyers broke the law by attacking an unassuming individual.”

Explaining what had happened, Secretary Rohana Perera said he can recognise three of them who carried out the attack.

“They said that I was getting beaten up because we support the government (Umbala guti kanne aanduwata kade yana nisa),” they said. Dharmasekera said: “We demand the Police to show their commitment to protect law and order.”

Pointing at the banner that was attached to the wall behind him which read Amana Neethinnayo Mahadhikaranaya Idiripita Thriroda Ratha Riyadurata Pahara Dethi (Mindless lawyers assault trishaw driver in front of Supreme Court), he said they used the word Amana which means “mindless” because no lawyer with brains could commit such an attack on a civilian.

“ We are eager to see how the Police will act to keep law and order against those responsible for this attack. We have paid lawyer fees and fines every time the Police took us to Court to charge us with traffic offences,” he said.

“Now it is their turn to show their commitment to maintain law and peace,” Dharmasekera said.

“Do not take this lightly,” he asked.“We demand an impartial investigation as much as we want a fair and balanced judiciary.” National Joint Three Wheelers’ Association president K D Alwis asked: “What if we attacked a lawyer? What will be the fate of a three wheel driver who had attacked a lawyer. Won’t they be prosecuted?”



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