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Saturday, 17 November 2012






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Lanka Phosphate commissions new mill complex

Lanka Phosphate Ltd (LP), plans on commissioning the new mill complex in Eppawala on November 20, Chairman Admiral Daya Sandagiri said that the mill was established to improve production. “Last year though we managed to meet the demand, it was a difficult task we had to work 22 hours a day on all three mills to meet the demand of 56,000 metric tons,” he said.

New mill complex in Eppawala. top left officials at the complex

Sandagiri said that the demands are raising sky high with rain benefiting crops, though LP had managed to meet the demand, the company is aware that only coconut plantations are reaping the benefits of the fertilizer. “Our fertilizer can be used for almost any crop and tea, rubber and coconut being the main economic crops we focus on them more. However, the tea and rubber crops have not received our proper attention and if we calculate the total demand for all three crops, it would reach 100,000 yearly metric tons, thus the new mill is timely,”he said.

Commenting on the profit made, LP has surpassed the Rs 100 million profit reaching Rs 200 million last year. We are optimistic that the new mill will profit us more. “We even managed for the first time to give the Treasury Rs 40 million of the dividends” he said. The investment for the new mill was born in collaboration with the government and LP, thus amounting to Rs 54 million. “The construction and design was done by the Colombo Machinery Equipment Ltd on an open tender agreement. The new mill will be able to produce 10 metric tons per hour and thus we will be able to reach our target in producing 100,000 metric tons yearly,” he said.

LP’s roots goes back to 1971 where fertilizer was produced in small scale, but LP was established by the parliament on July 10, 1992 with three mills. “We have three mills that are very old and produces less than what the new mill produces per hour.Two of the mills produce five tons per hour while the other produces just one ton per hour,” he said. LP currently has a total of 300 employees in Eppawala and the head office in Colombo.

New recruitment will be done for the new mill, Sandagiri said that they hope to recruit 10 – 25 new employees.


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