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Friday, 26 October 2012






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A bouquet to the President

A stanza of Alfred Lord Tennyson flashed upon my mind when I heard the momentous speech of President Mahinda Percy Rajapaksa. Let me recall it once again.

“Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control
These three alone lead to sovereign power,
Yet not for power (power of herself
Would come uncalled for), but to live by law,
Acting the law we live without fear,
And because right is right, to follow right
Were wisdom in the scorn of consequence.”

President Mahinda Rajapaksa knows how to follow the right amidst various impediments which he has already overcome. He is a patriot not by words but by deeds. Mother Lanka and her joy knows no bounds when our President makes a laconic speech wherever he goes.

As Tennyson spells out, he bequeaths those three qualities: Self-knowledge, Self-reverence and Self-control. That is why he could win the majority of people in the world.

Hail President! You are a scholar and gentlemen.

Unity is strength

The war has ended now. Everyday in the past, we used to hear news of bomb explosions somewhere. Many were dead or injured. We used to wonder whether any of our loved ones were among those victims. Now all these are over and we, as citizens can breathe in peace after the war was won due to the sacrificial, dedicated and determined efforts of our valiant soldiers.

We now have to live in harmony and with love for one another, irrespective of our ethnic identities. This feeling of love and unity is very well poised in a report and a photo published in the Daily News of 02.10.2012 on page 9 under the caption titled “Recalled to Life through Rehabilitation”.

On this page there appears three photos relating to this fact. In the first picture one of our soldiers grips the hand of an ex-LTTE female cadre who is in a bus which brought a crew of ex-LTTE female cadres to Colombo on a goodwill mission. They had been rehabilitated in a centre in Vauniya under the leadership of Brigadier Dharsana Hettiarachchi, whose photograph is also depicted alongside.

We hope that this peaceful attitude will continue to flourish uninterrupted in our hearts more than ever among all of us without hatred to humanity, race, language or religion wise.

Animal agony in Meeraniya Street and Wilson Street

There is a gross violation of the Animals Protection Ordinance taking place at Meeraniya Street and Wilson Street in Colombo 12. I hope that animal lovers, protectors or law enforcement authorities will take serious notice. I bring to everyone's notice about this violation, so that some steps may be taken immediately to reduce the agony of the cattle about to be slaughtered on 27th October 2012.

If you walk along Meeraniya Street and Wilson Street in Hulftsdorp, you will see a large number of cattle including calves tied to lamp posts for several days at a stretch with ropes less than two feet in length restricting their movement. One is tied at Wilson Street near the Courts to a coconut tree in a way that it cannot lie down and it has been standing for the last one week.

These sights are heart wrenching. Any how they have been condemned to die in a few days time. Till then, they should live with a little comfort and freedom.

Cattle menace in Delkanda and Navinna junctions

I wrote a letter to the previous IGP which I posted many months ago. It did not yield any results and the menace continues unabated.

I am sending a copy of the letter which speaks for itself, to the Citizens’ Mail Column for the information of readers.

'The Inspector General,
Sri Lanka Police Force.

As an inconvenienced resident of Wijerama Junction in Nugegoda, I wish to complain about a major highway hindrance to all.

This is the very large herd of cattle that roams daily throughout the day in the vicinity of this junction, roaming between the Delkanda and Navinna junctions. They obstruct traffic on this very busy highway - the High level Road and invade all the private lanes and gardens, destroying plants and disturbing the garbage that is put out by the residents for the weekly collection.

This is a menace that should stop immediately. No cattle farmer should be legally permitted to harass the public in this manner. There is no herdsman to guide them or keep them tethered to grasslands.

They walk into gardens at night to take refuge in private properly. Please instruct your officers to handle this problem with immediate effect, failing which I will be complaining direct to higher authority.

Yours truly



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