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Changing face of the family unit

Thisuri and Gihan

*Director: Ravindra Wijeratne
*Producer: Sandya Mendis
*Television script: Kavinda Malaviarachchi / Sanath Karunaratne / Suneth Warnasooriya
* Camera direction: Jayantha ranasinghe
* Edition: Thilanka Bandara
* Make-up: Amila Mirissage
* Assistant director: Eranda
* Music direction: Kapila Pugalaarachchi
* Cast:
Thisuri Yuwanika
Nethmi Adikari
Janaka Kumbukage
Hashinika Karaliyadda
Gihan Fernando
Iresha Ranasinghe
Lochana Imashi
Namel Weeramuni
Malani Weeramuni
Deepani Silva
Jayasekara Aponsu
Ramya Wanigasekara
Madawa Wijesingha
Hiruni Malsha
Sachi Chathuranga

Human commitments, social bonds, love relationships of a society start within the family unit. Being the smallest social unit, family does much to nurture the society with humanity, love, cooperation and commitments. But today society is commercialized and highly competitive where humanity and good qualities are washed away. The worst thing is even the family unit is subjected to so called changes.


Giving a new view to family relationships, teledrama Thurya will be on screen. It is full of family matters through which importance of close relationships between children and parents are emphasized. It is a model drama which gives a good example to society that humanity must start within the family than expect it from society. The story sets in an urban area where a middle class family consists of six members. There are four children totally different from each other. Father, Soyza, is a businessman who owns a casket shop. Though he is doing such a business, he is a nice man who values aesthetic things and lives in a very simple manner. Mother, Rani, is an enthusiastic lady who tries hard to make her children good citizens. She has her own part time businesses through which she earns a little money.

Jayasekara Aponsu acts as Soyza and he said that this is a new kind of character which he enjoys much. "I am really interested in this character since it is a typical character in our real society. I can use my acting ability in a broad manner to depict the character of Soyza," he said. Ramya Wanigasekara who acts Rani's character said she is interested in her character and it is a new experience for her. "I am supposed to act as a very strong patient mother who works hard, looks after four children while doing all household work and even some part time businesses. I value my character because it is a kind of example which depicts how lower middle class women go through the burdens of economic difficulties and family matters."

There are three girls and a boy in this family who are having their own qualities. Relationship between each other is very strong and through them the changes of cultural values, social competition, how western culture makes impacts on our upcoming generation is reflected. Eldest girl is very innocent and calm who does her studies well. The second girl is very fashionable who never pays her attention to studies, but tries to be a popular star. The third one is a boy who does all the mischievous things but very helpful and lovable.

Youngest is a small girl who loves her siblings and she likes to live a very free and simple life without having responsibilities. As a whole, the drama Thurya is a very good example and a model of a modern lower middle class family which is visibly affected by the novel changes of society. But through all the difficulties and burdens, their family bonds, affection towards each other and their togetherness is shown well.



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