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US practising double standards

*Cabinet will decide on LLRC report implementation

*Some recommendations need changes in law

Even Israel has decided to quit the UNHRC, but, Sri Lanka has not taken a decision to leave the UNHRC. Sri Lanka only wishes to point out the double standards practised by the US on Israel and Sri Lanka at the UNHRC, Acting Media Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena said.

Minister Lakshman
Yapa Abeywardena

The Cabinet will take a decision on the strategy of implementing the LLRC report recommendations. The Sri Lanka government has not made any official decisions or statements on those issues yet, he said.

Addressing the weekly Cabinet press briefing at the Government Information Department auditorium yesterday, he said that the LLRC was appointed by President Mahinda Rajapaksa and its report has been presented to Cabinet and Parliament.

“Sri Lanka needs a home grown solution for the ethnic issue.Some LLRC recommendations have already been implemented and long term recommendations need time and cannot be implemented within two or three months. Recommendations such as decentralising power at grass root level need changes in laws etc,” he said.

Acting Minister Abeywardena pointed out that a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) has been proposed to hold discussions and solve problems without creating chaos in the South and without creating problems for anybody or anywhere.

The PSC is the best and highest place for the TNA to voice their ideas. Now the TNA has things (voicing ideas) to do and a place to do (PSC).

“Under democracy, various persons express various opinions on various topics/issues but those are their individual ideas and not the stand of the Sri Lankan government. The official stand/statement of the Sri Lankan government is yet to be announced on such issues. “The Jaffna Urban Council passed a proposal stating that Sri Lanka should not give into US pressures and implement a home grown solution.

The Sri Lankan government identified the need of solving the ethnic issue a long time ago, appointed the LLRC, released its report and implemented all possible recommendations long before the UNHRC sessions took place in Geneva. This is because of the sincere desire of the government of Sri Lanka”, he added.



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