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Graduates are a national resource - Minister

The government considers a graduate as a national resource and a wealth, which can be utilised for the betterment for the country, Health Minister Mithripala Sirisena said.

"Moreover, the government provided a large number of jobs for graduates since it has clearly understands the value of a graduate who is product of free education.

Minister Sirisena was addressing a gathering at the District Secretariat Office in Polonnaruwa to hand over appointment letters to 237 unemployed graduates in the Polonnaruwa district.

"These graduates will be assigned for regional development activities in the Polonnaruwa district.

The minister added that everyonereach the highest position in the field he or she has choden. We have that courage and ability.

"I believe that we have endowed courage from great ancient kings, such as, King Wijayabahu, Great Parakramabahu", the minister noted.

The minister said that he donated his monthly salary for fund in 1998 aiming to pay salaries for unemployed graduate who were teaching in government school in the Dimbulagala Education Zone as volunteer teachers. With the financial assistance of several people, these volunteer teachers served in those schools for nearly two years until they received permanent teaching appointments from this government.

He further said that when he is appointed as the minister of any ministry, he first appoints an advisory committee comprising university professors and lecturers. Such advisory committees were appointed for the Agricultural Ministry and now for the Health Ministry. Once in every four months, the advisory committee meets to discuss further improvements and development plans .

"It is assumed that the Health Ministry employs the largest number of graduates."I have been working with them in a friendly manner for two years. As a son of a farmer family in Anuradhapura, I have the inborn ability to work with anyone cordially. Dedication and devotion are a must to achieve our goals. Nothing can be achieved without dedication or devotion",the minister stressed.

Recalling the past, the minister said that he was in the government service as a Grama Niladari and in politics for over 23 years.

He pointed out that he could neither be a Member of Parliament nor a minister at once. He has to dedicate a lot to be a minister.

"I was born in a small house and came up the hard way. But I would like to see the younger generation have a good future" minister Sirisena added.



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