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Sports provides balanced mind - SP governor

"With the Buddhist revival that took place during the early 19th century foreign and local leaders led by Henry Steele Olcott established a series of Buddhist schools here under the concept of establishing Buddhist schools to give an English medium education to Buddhist children. Musaeus College is one of the first major schools so established,"said Southern Province Governor Kumari Balasuriya who was chief guest at the annual sports meet of Musaeus College.

Governor Balasuriya said she was very happy to be a part of th sports meet not because Musaeus is of one of the great leading colleges of the island,but,as she is overwhelmed with fond memories of her student days at Musaeus ," she said.

"A most crucial stage of my life was spent on these grounds as student, Prefect and captain of the Beasant House. The experience, knowledge and the training I gained as a student here were of invaluable assistance to me to reach the present status I hold in my life," she said.

"The education as well as the training from extra-curricular activities, I gained during the period I spent at the foot of my alma mater, Musaeus College, helped me a lot and was a great strength to brighten my later life," she said.

"The Women's Education Society of Ceylon that was in existence about 130 years ago, with the intention of providing a better education to girl students, commenced this college with a few girls with the assistance of the Buddhist Theosophical Society.

This college established with such humble beginnings became a first class education institution producing great citizens in no time," she said.

"It was Marie Musaeus Higgens who was the Head of this College from 1895 to 1926 who ushered in a golden era and in her honour the college was named Musaeus College," she said.

"A strong healthy body is a must to have a great mind. The mind of a healthy child is sound and strong.

"There is no two words about it. For this purpose every child must involve themselves in sports activities. Sports provide the child with a balanced mind. The inter-house sports competitions introduced during colonial days have become an essential part of our school system today which provides schoolchildren with immense benefits," Governor Balasuriya said.

"Athletics not only makes the child healthy is also gives the child entertainment and an active life. Student learns a great deal through sports. Sports help to build within the child a strong feeling for discipline, responsibility, self-confidence and accountability," she said.

"Athletics existed even during the periods of early civilization. Historians say that sports like running, jumping and walking existed during the period of ancient Babylonean civilization. These sports were held in a grand scale at the commencement of the Olympics in 776 BC too," she said.

"A sports meet aims at building up team spirit through individual competition. Musaeus Principal Dandeniya,teachers and parents were also present.



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