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Friday, 24 February 2012






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Maldives safe for travel - Maldivian High Commissioner

The Maldives is safe for travel and normalcy is completely restored, Maldivian High Commissioner Hussain Shihab said addressing the Sri Lankan media at the Maldivian High Commission.

High Commissioner
Hussain Shihab

"The country is calm and there is no disorder or malpractices. The present government is handling all matters democratically, he said.

'The country remains peaceful while all its sectors run smoothly. I assure that tourism was not affected with the current scenario. There is no drop in tourists and no country has imposed travel advisories on the Maldives, he said.

He said that a crisis situation was created by a handful of people and they wanted to spread violence and ruin the economy of the country. The newly established independent national commission will investigate the recent situation in the country, he added.

"All state functions will come into effect very soon. Envoys will be sent to countries to strengthen bilateral and international relationships as we have been continuing for ages," he said.

The President has already appointed ministers for very important ministries, such as, Foreign Affairs, Fisheries and Agriculture and Economic, he explained.

A free and fair election will be held to appoint the President of Maldives. The president is keen on conducting the election in a transparent and democratic way. The people will decide who their leader is through the election, he pointed out. Responding to the media, the High Commissioner explained that former president Nasheed was not forced to resign as there was a defence agreement with the Chinese government.

He said; "As far as I know, the Maldivian government has never signed any defence agreement with any other country. It is a baseless allegation.

There is no truth behind it," he said.

'Sri Lanka is the closest and nearest friend to the Maldives and the relationship between the two countries will never change even though governments change, he said. 'We have been long term friends and that will last, he said.

'Stability, security and safety for all in the Maldives is guaranteed. The people who engaged in unethical violence in recent days have understood that there is no reason to spread violence.

'The present government will function in accordance with human rights and the rule of law, and will maintain the established constitutional order,' he said.


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