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Sri Lanka welcomes NSBM

Reaching yet another milestone in the history of higher education in Sri Lanka the reputed National Institute of Business Management(NIBM) will launch its own campus the National School of Business Management(NSBM)today, at Gangodowila Nugegoda.

The NSBM campus proper however would be located in Homagama,spread over an area of 26 acres, fully-equipped with all facilities required for university under-graduates with administrative blocks, lecture halls, library, gymnasium and sports grounds,recreation facilities up to modern standards.

The NSBM will invest Rs 5 billion on this modern campus with no burden on the treasury or government coffers. It is planed to be completed within two years depicting a fully-fledged "University Village" in the like of famous universities in the UK.This venture would immensely contribute to governments aim of elevating Sri Lanka to the level of an "Education Hub" not only in Sri Lanka but in Asia.

Those qualified in their A/Ls would definitely stand to gain by getting absorbed into a university curriculum in any of the 3 schools to be established within the NSBM. The NSBM is a fully owned subsidiary of NIBM that would offer under-graduate and post-graduate programs in the fields of management, computing and engineering with the approval UGC.

It has a vision of its own in designing an alternative and innovative approach to higher education to prepare the youth to face new challenges of the fast moving world.

Hence NSBM will be driven by forces of innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and globalization to direct Sri Lanka towards a knowledge based globalized economy, while creating synergies with existing body of knowledge and paying attention to the needs of the 21st century in the fields of management, computing and engineering education.

In its forward march in higher education, NSBM recognizes the vital need to make learning relevant to industry and business expectations.

It also acknowledges the need to expose and collaborate with leading universities in the world, to enable the under-graduates to expose themselves to global thinking and vital practices in global industries.

NSBM would offer its students a unique approach to learning with a passion for excellence with opportunities provided in mingling with the business community and transforming themselves into business-thinkers equipped with problem solving know-how and analytical capabilities.

It will also give them an unparalleled opportunity not only in educational expertise but also research excellence with an ably supported faculty and alumni forming an network of excellent staff. Courses would be defined and designed under the third schools of Management, Computing and Engineering to suit the global trends and the modern needs of the business and industrial world.

NSBM offers in its school of management a selection of multiple disciplines varying from business management, logistic management, human resource management, law, accountancy and such other challenging areas of study.

The school of computing branch to function under NSBM would offer the students world class training and knowledge in computing, information technology, design, mathematics and statistics incorporated in its under-graduate and post-graduate programs.

The school of engineering would accommodate the students of computer engineering and electronics in collaboration with world renowned universities in Dublin, Ireland, Malaysia and Plymouth in UK.

As in the case of the other schools, the school of Engineering too would keep pace with advancing technologies through research and development activities, staff training and networking with international communities thus equipping the future generation with skills acquired to suit the global trends.

All schools of study coming under the umbrella of the NSBM would definitely cater to programs aimed at "producing skillful graduates who would be able to uplift the performance of the business world and economy", mentions Doctor E.A.Weerasinghe, CEO of the NSBM in his message.

NSBM has invested in the state of the art learning facilities to provide under-graduates with a new experience in learning and sharing knowledge. NSBM aspires to reaching further heights by its strategic plan for the next five years in establishing an array of academic programs and facilities that will further bear fruit in its journey towards servicing the field of higher education in Sri Lanka.

In this journey NSBM joins hands with university college Dublin, Ireland, Limkokwing university of Creative Technology, Malaysia, The University of Plymouth UK in organizing the degree programs and masters degree programs.

New vistas would open to A-L qualified students to be an under-graduate of NSBM and to graduates to register for post-graduate programs in the allied fields.

It will be a novel adventure to those seeking a full campus life in a "University city" at Homagama in close proximity to the capital but yet away from the hustle and bustle of city life in an eco friendly evironment just about 18 Km away from Colombo.

It is ideally situated within easy access to the new Highway extending from Kottawa to the deep South.

Those seeking admission to the new NSBM and university city would defitely enjoy not only the pursuance of academic and research interest but also be a part and parcel of an undisturbed, uninterrupted and healthy campus life


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