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Creating mutual respect

With my vast experience I gathered from living in the society including school, university, work place, neighbourhood etc. I observe the following;

* We prefer to be associated with people of our calibre only who satisfy one or more of the following norms.

a. Wealth
b. Education
c. Social status
d. Popularity
e. Relationship
f. Race
g. Religion
h. Cast

* We select these norms to satisfy our needs. Eg. A millionaire (A) prefers to be associated with millionaire (B) who may be of different religion, race or cast (Money is important).

* We never recognize the ambitions and rights of other people who do not come under our group Eg. Even when a party is given we look after the needs of our guests but do not show any interest towards our servants or helpers who had assisted us.

* We prefer the people of other group to change according to our taste for due affection and recognition

* We create hatred towards other group. Eg. We consider people having different eating habits (consumption of dogs, snails, snakes etc.) as barbarians and do not prefer to eat in the same table with them unless the connection is beneficial to us.

* We shamelessly copy the way of living, culture, style etc., of people whom we adore thereby ignoring our culture, originality etc., though it may be injurious to our health and moral (Western music, dress, dance, liquor, fast food etc.)

When we are following our own style, culture etc. we should respect the feeling of other group.

I understand Mahathma Gandhi served meat in his own ashramam (despite the dissatisfaction shown by his followers) when he met Muslim delegates.

It is high for us to realize the importance of unity and we must drop all these differences and recognize all as equal.

There is a proverb ‘Birds of a feather flock together’. It should be changed to ‘Birds of a nest’ (Kakka and Koha) or ‘Birds of a tree flock together’ .

I hope year 2012 could be a year of unity.


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