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Over to you, mayor Matara

The foul smell emanating from the garbage heaped up by the Matara Municipal Council on the bank of the Nilwala river causes a great inconvenience to the people of Piladuwa, Uyanwatta and Weragampita. We are aware that this is not a problem that could be easily solved, your experience, ability and desire to work for the people would have been able to stop this public menace in near future.

Be a true Sri Lankan

It was reported in the ‘Daily News’ on January 27, 2012 that President Mahinda Rajapaksa will not accept a code of media ethics imported from the UK but will accept a code of media ethics to match local requirements. This is a step in the right direction.

The same criterion should also apply to our legal system. Now law reform bodies and lawyers in this country including Justice Ministry, follow UK Laws when making new laws for this country. We still could not disassociate from colonial mindset. Now, laws are drafted in English and later translated into Sinhala and Tamil as if those are meant for a British Colony.

But sad to say the bureaucratic hierarchy and some lawyers who learned only in English, still follow the colonists and behave with an assumed greatness.

Ease traffic jam in Ratmalana-Dehiwala area

In spite of the construction of the overhead bridge at Dehiwala junction, there are heavy traffic jams could be noticed during the three peak times,i.e., morning, school closing -time(afternoon) and late evening. These traffic-jams could be considerably eased if the Dehiwala overhead bridge is declared one-way towards Colombo in the morning and one-way towards Ratmalana during school closing- time and late evening.

Traffic jams have become acute in the Ratmalana area, too, since the closure of Attidiya Road for laying of the sewer line. Traffic from the Galle Road at Maliban junction is diverted through Sri Dhammadara Road . Buses to Nugegoda and Maharagama, as they turn off to Sri Dhammadara Road, are kept waiting for 10 to 20 minutes to collect passengers until the next bus arrives at this halt.

Sometimes two buses are kept waiting. This practice must stop. Buses should stop to collect the passengers who are already at the halt.

This does not only cause traffic jams but also delays the passengers who have commenced their journey from Ratmalana Railway Station to Maharagama. Unlike C T B buses, private buses have this practice of waiting at every halt and start calling for passengers. That is why passengers prefer to travel in CT B buses. In order to mislead the passengers, some private sector buses also have painted their buses in red. The police should stop this practice of waiting at bus halts in this manner and public expect the Dehiwala and Mount Lavinia police to take immediate action on these matters.

Lack of facilities at Kotagala town

Kotagala has become a fast developing town. As a result, the inflow of people is quite large from the nearby estates and villages but it is sad that there is no facilities in this part of the town to cater to the needs of the visitors.

In fact, I was shocked to hear that tourists and pilgrims pollute the main road when they stop over during night time for meals.

I hope the authorities concerned will take necessary steps to provide sanitary facilities at Wootton Bazaar which would bring additional income to the local government and also provide employment opportunities for unemployed youth in the area.

Sri Lanka could be made self-sufficient in milk

Several years ago a milk man in the North carried his fresh cow milk in an aluminum container for sale. He was checked by the local public health inspector and prosecuted in the Jaffna Magistrate Court for selling adulterated milk and fined Rs.15/- a pricely sum at that time. Further questioning revealed that he had plied his trade for a long time and the irony of it was that he did not own a single cow.

Except for improved marketing styles, our big time milk importers are also doing the same thing. One can travel to any part of this country and purchase packeted powdered milk .It is sad to observe the vast sums of foreign exchange wasted on this imported product which arrives in one vessel and discharged to the local importers, marketing under different brand names though the milk cows can't be any different.

Though fertile land are available in this country not much effort is made to promote this industry. Recently there was a gift of animals from India for promotional purposes but they were all bulls.

The farm in Sri Lanka equipped with the latest high tech machinery and transport facilities. It has imported the most expensive hybrid milk cows but has yet to capture a fraction of the market controlled by the importers..

If only the local giant conglomerates can put their heads together in a concerted effort with all the resources at their disposal inclusive of State support and current infrastructure developments, not forgetting the varied employment opportunities and start a massive animal husbandry project, I am sure Sri Lanka could be made self sufficient in milk.


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