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Friday, 8 July 2011






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Govt focused on legal action against Channel 4

“The government arrested 7,000 hardcore LTTE cadres who were well armed and killed people. The government has already rehabilitated a section of them, provided them vocational training with some sort of income generating avenues and integrated them into society,” Cabinet spokesman and Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said.


“Therefore why did the government want to kill only six or seven of them at that time? The government had the chance of killing all 7,000,” he said.

Minister Rambukwella said that these days the government is focusing on possible legal action against the Channel 4 fabricated video.

Many foreign countries proposed Sri Lanka to take legal action against the video and demand compensation. The relevant British state authority has already received many complaints against Channel 4 video and now ready to commence investigations. The Australian Labour Party leaders clearly stated that they know about LTTE’s child soldiers recruitments and other crimes executed by the LTTE. They spoke about the issue in their Parliament.

Addressing the weekly Cabinet press briefing held at the Government Information Department yesterday Minister Rambukwella said that the 7,000 hardcore LTTE terrorists were clearly identified as terrorists. But the Government released them into the society as good citizens equipped with vocational training. So what is the point of killing only six or seven of them? The Government welcomed over 300,000 IDPs, provided them all welfare facilities including education and tuition. Then their original homes were located and resettled except where there are uncleared land mines. The Government spent billions of rupees to ensure their welfare. So why the Government wanted to kill only six or seven of them? During 1988 – 1989 JVP insurgency there was an accusation that around 60,000 youths had been killed.

The Channel 4 video is a fabricated video produced exclusively to sling mud on the Government and tarnish the image of Sri Lanka. Two years ago the Defence Ministry received it and studied it. It was totally fabricated and fake video.


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