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Unfair – Golden Key payments

This is to highlight the plight of small investors who have been deprived of their dues.

The small investors who have opened accounts, more than one, with Golden Key establishments have deposited small amounts in each account, expecting returns that they promised so. But, disappointedly, the small amounts have been taken into one account and the investors have neither received the benefits of deposits nor the refunds, instead they have been victimised.

Most depositors have been summoned by the Inland Revenue Department and queried about their deposits. It is very embarrassing to lose the entire deposits. Could not the Central Bank think of the sad plight of the affected investors, reduce a certain amount by way of taxation and pay them the balance deposits due, so that depositors will not have to go and waste their valuable time at the Department of Inland Revenue.

Applications in all three languages

It was reported in the Daily news of May 7, that the National languages and Social Integration Ministry intends to issue applications in Sinhala and Tamil. No mention has been made about Marriage Certificates which are equally important.

Mention was also made that in the future it would be made compulsory for public servants to perform their duties in both Sinhala and Tamil and that dual language proficiency will be a special qualification in granting promotions and salary increments. Such a policy will not only complicate the public service, but will further embitter the relationships between the Sinhala and Tamil speaking people.

It is sad to see that the universal language English has once again been relegated to the limbo and that lessons have not been learnt by monumental blunders made in the past.

Isn’t it better that applications be printed with all three languages in one with the option available to applicants to request translation in more than one language on the payment of a fee?

Such a procedure will minimize difficulties encountered by those having to procure travel, visas and other documents which will have to be furnished with translations in English, for which people have to pay exorbitantly per each word translated.

Blocking traffic flow on Marine Drive

I am a regular user of the Marine Drive. around 10.30 am daily near the Bambalapitiya Flats, on the Marine Drive, a garbage collection van is found backed to a garbage dump, loading garbage blocking the land side of the Marine Drive. That is a hindrance to the motorists.

Malaysian road construction

May I share my inspiration drawn from Malaysian road construction during my visit to Malaysia and stay there for four days ( May 19-23, 2011) attending an International Islamic Tamil Literary Conference.

All roads in Kuala Lumpur are well planned and constructed with sufficient width allowing transportation to be comfortable both for motorists and travellers. Most roads have one way system to facilitate accident free vehicle movement. The best part of the Malaysian road network allows the free undisturbed railway lines run by electric power without any need to pass the highway.

As a result, there is no possibility of occurrence of train and bus accident at railway crossings. If this safe system is adopted in Sri Lanka, thousands of accidents can be easily prevented at least in the future. It is pertinent to mention here that I could observe none walking along the railway tracks just as we Sri Lankans carelessly walk on the unsafe railway tracks.

Another lesson to be learnt from the Malaysian road system is its proper maintenance. Every vehicle passing a network of check points on the well constructed highway has to pay a certain amount of cash as tax to be solely utilized for updating the roads. Will our government too adopt this measure to maintain our road system?

A vital lesson to learn from the Malaysian approach to the maintenance of the roads is to keep the roads clean and neat without being polluted by debris thrown by residents living along the highway and railway lines.

Like our habits of dumping garbage on either side of the road, there is no such habit among Malaysian residents.

I was surprised to find that not a single stray dog was running along the road and that not a single crow was flying hither and thither dirtying the roads.

I think the Malaysian government would have taken away all the dogs from the towns to a place where they will be kept under control. As a result of this action, the Malaysian city is a safe place for tourists.

Such an action can be gradually taken by our Sri Lankan government to attract more tourists to our island.

No regular meter reading by Water Board

The Water Board official who came to read the meter on June 04, 2011 issued me with a bill for Rs 100/21 for May 04, 2011 to June 4, 2011 as indicated on the bill for consumption of nine units. It was a surprise to me. I asked the officer to read the meter again for accuracy since my previous month’s bill was Rs 2531/20 for consumption of 44 units. On examination of my previous month’s bill the period has been indicated as from March 30, 2011 to May 04, 2011. That is more than a month.

Water Board officials do not come regularly for meter reading and thereby causing severe hardships to the consumers at a time when people are facing untold hardships financially.



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