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Final days in Vanni:

LTTE killed 600 Tamils like stray dogs - Ex TNA MP

Former TNA member of Parliament S Kanagaratnam who was held as a human shield by the LTTE during the hostility campaign said not a single civilian was killed by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

His revelation exposes the revengeful mentality, vindictive nature of the UN Secretary General and the flawed and distorted version of the so-called Expertsí Panel Report with vested western interests.

Second part of this article was published last Friday (April 22)

Given below excerpts of the interview Asian Tribune had with the former TNA Member of Parliament:

Asian Tribune: This was on the 17th. Where did you go?

S. Kanagaratnam: To Mullaitivu.

Asian Tribune: From Mullaitivu when did you leave for the government camps?

S. Kanagaratnam

S. Kanagaratnam: We went to Mullaitivu on the 17th morning. When I said that I am a Member of Parliament, Army men detained me for a day for inquiry.

Asian Tribune: How did you go to Mullaitivu?

S. Kanagaratnam: We went up to the Vadduvahal Bridge and from the bridge we went into the army controlled area on the 17th morning. Then I was allowed to proceed to the government-controlled welfare centre only on May 18.

Asian Tribune: When did you know that the LTTE leader Prabhakaran and his family members were dead?

S. Kanagaratnam: That, sad incident we came to know only after we came to the welfare centre at Cheddikulam and not before that.

Government only allocated some areas as no fly zone, but those areas were under the control of the LTTE. The big guns of the LTTE started firing towards those no fly zone areas to threaten civilians from trying to leave for those marked areas and prevent them from crossing into the government-controlled areas.

They shelled rampantly and indiscriminately. Civilians were affected very badly. Many died. But it was blamed that they were victims to the artillery fire of the government forces. But as far as I am aware, whenever shells fell in no-fly zone, it was alleged that government forces were shelling the civilians. But I am one who lived there and had the privy to mingle with the LTTE cadres; I have personally seen the Ďbig gunsí located in the midst of the civilian population of the LTTE firing towards the no-fly zone.

It is very difficult to understand the elusive mind of Prabhakaran and his men. When they fired at the no-fly zone, normally Sri Lankan forces retaliated to silence the LTTE guns.

It is very difficult to understand the propaganda ploy of the LTTE. They always succeeded in blaming the government for their entire anti-people activities, duplicity of the Tigers incomprehensible.

Killings of civilians

Asian Tribune: There was an allegation that innocent civilians, - non-combatants were shot and killed. Who was behind those killings?

S. Kanagaratnam: It was the LTTE which shot at the civilians. They shot the innocent civilians to frighten them not to leave for the government-controlled areas.

Asian Tribune: Did they kill many civilians?

S.Kanagaratnam: In fact countless. I lost count of it. LTTE cadres were deployed all over and civilians were shot at to frightened and to prevent them from leaving the area.

Asian Tribune: So you think that may be fifty to hundred people would have been shot and killed by the LTTE?

S. Kanagaratnam: It will be many times more than that.

Asian Tribune: Do you mean more people were killed by the LTTE?

S. Kanagaratnam: Those days I was maintaining a record of those who were killed and injured. But as I had to flee, I was unable to take with me all those documents. When I fled, I only had a shirt on my back. I can still remember an incident. The Education Officer of the Mullaitivu District, I think it is one Thiagarajah and his children were shot and killed - a total of five members in that family are no more. I think his wife has survived and many others were mercilessly shot and killed by the LTTE.

When the Sri Lankan Army was accepting the displaced persons arriving into their controlled areas, LTTE was shooting at the fleeing civilians to prevent them from leaving. I have seen many dead bodies littered all over the places, who were victims to the brutal killing of the LTTE.

Asian Tribune: But there is a general allegation that innocent civilians were killed by the government security forces. So you mean to say that mostly civilians were killed by the LTTE? You were the only person who was with the people till the last moment in Vanni. Furthermore, you were an elected representative of the people also.

S. Kanagaratnam: Ok. I have seen with my own eyes, the tragic and horrendous scenarios unfolding those days and seen people being ruthlessly killed by the LTTE - Rule of the gun prevailed.

Asian Tribune: Ok. Have you seen any Sri Lankan Army personnel entering the civilian area and shooting and killing them? Have you seen any civilians fled to the government-controlled area was shot and killed by the Sri Lankan Army personnel? Have you seen any women being raped by the Sri Lankan Army men?

S. Kanagaratnam: No, not at all. I havenít seen any civilians being killed by the Sri Lankan Army. I havenít heard any women being raped by the Army men. But I have seen the Army personnel collecting all those injured persons while receiving the fleeing civilians and took them and treated them and actually saved the lives of a few hundred civilians.

To be continued


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