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Ranil Wickremesinghe and his tomfoolery group are making a hue and cry in Parliament as well as outside, that the Government has not taken proper action on flood assistance. I will not take space and time in this letter to argue their foolish utterances. Instead I refer to the news item on page 1 in the Daily News of January 22, 2011 under the heading ‘UN lauds Govt’ elaborating a statement made by UN Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator Catherine Bragg and UN Sri Lanka’s coordinator Neil Buhne.

Wickremesinghe! You can fool some people all the time and some people for some time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Hang the mahouts

The 32-year-old male elephant, Neelagiri at the Pinnawela elephant orphanage has died due to severe infestation of serious injuries inflicted by three fiends who are supposed to care and look after these animals. The dead elephant was the tallest and have sired many baby elephants. He was caught and brought from the jungles of Lunugala in 1986. Instead of showing kindness, the three fiendish mahouts have put this animal through hell.

The wounds have been there for a length of time until they fested causing his death. It could not have happened instantly. What were the officials and the veterinary surgeon-in-charge of the orphanage doing all these days. Letting these fiends to continue torture? If they did their part with dedication to these captured beasts, this would not have happened and Neelagiri would have been saved.

The officials at Pinnawela are answerable for this crime. The three mahouts must be dealt with severely, punished, imprisoned, denied of their pension rights and ask to pay damages to the State.

In this how captured helpless and innocent animals are treated at the orphanage. The country needs an answer to this type of brutal murder. A man could defend himself but can an elephant under these conditions?

It is easy for the Zoological Department Director Bhaswara Senaka Goonaratne to say that investigations will be carried out. Instead, Gooneratne must use all the powers to deal severely with and be harsh on these three fiends. At least, the other mahouts at the Pinnawela Orphanage will not stoop to such cowardly acts. Fines and jail sentences are not enough. This is blue murder. In this so-called haven that is Pinnawela orphanage is a sham, a torture chamber. It is better for them to die in jungles, at least they will die peacefully.

Do not kill our heritage like this in a Buddhist country where elephants are a part of Buddhist philosophy.

Revised electricity tariffs effective from January 1, 2011

This refers to my letter ‘Proposed Electricity Tariffs’ which was published in the Daily News of 15.12.2010.

The Table given below shows the revised unit rates which became effective from January 1, 2011 to consumers between 91 and 180 units as compared with the rates which prevailed prior to the revision.

Those who consume between 91 to 120 should be grateful to the President for having intervened in this matter which resulted in reducing the proposed rates.

(With the above revision the Fuel Adjustment charge of 30 percent applicable to those who consume above 90 units will no longer be applicable)



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