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Wednesday, 20 October 2010



Star studded tele night

Curtains fall on Sumathi Tele Awards 2010:

Sriyani speaks with Indunil after clinching her award

Best actors Sriyantha and Dulika - Pictures by Tennyson Edirisinghe

Amid much glitterati, the 15th Sumathi Tele Awards took off to a brilliant start, on October 16 at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium , with First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa as the Chief Guest.

Many Parliamentarians, scholars and artistes also took part in the night of glamour which was held to felicitate last year’s tele productions. Arungal bagged the Award for the Best Teledrama.

It also won several other Awards, including the best script, Best Lyrics, Best Music Direction, Best Editing and Best Vocalist.

Some significant Sumathi awards went to:

* Best teledrama: Arungal

* Best teledrama director: D G Somapala (Ridee Ittankaraya)

* Best actor Sriyantha Mendis (Sadisi Tharanaya)

* Best Actress Dulika Marapana (Ridee Ittankaraya)

* U W Sumathipala lifetime achievement awards Sunil Ariyaratne and Sriyani Amarasena

* Most popular teledrama: Ithin Eeta Passe

* Most popular actor Chandika Nanayakkara

* Most popular actress Umayangana Wickramasinghe

* Best supporting actor: Richard Manamudali (Ridee Ittankaraya)

* Best supporting actress: Nadee Chandrasekara (Ridee Ittankaraya)

* Best upcoming actor: Suresh Gamage (Sadisi Tharanaya)

U W Sumathipala award winner Prof Ariyaratne

Most popular actors Chandika and Umayangana

* Best supporting actress: Samanalee Fonseka (Doni)

* Best one episode teledrama: Jeevathayata Ammuthek (Ananda Abeynayake)

* Best script: Lalith Ratnayake (Arungal)

* Best cameraman: Thilak Ranjan ((Ridee Ittankaraya)

* Best music director: Sarath Wickrama (Arungal)

* Best lyrics: Kumara Liyanage (Arungal)

* Best vocals: D D Gunasena (Arungal)

* Best art direction: Ehaliyagoda Somathileke (Ridee Ittankaraya)

* Best editor: Tharanga Kumarasinghe (Arungal)

* Best make up artist: Vasantha Vittachchi (Ridee Ittankaraya)


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