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Thursday, 21 January 2010

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Government Gazette

Orange Revolution in the offing

A press release by the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Tuesday evening warned the public of attempts to subvert the democratic process through escalation of violence. Enumerating various instances of violence committed by the Opposition against supporters of the UPFA the statement said persons trained in the use of firearms have been responsible for some of the incidents of violence. This shows that they were not spontaneous acts caused by provocation but pre-meditated and well-planned and executed acts of crime. Such pre-meditation and execution of violence could not have been made at local level.

Coupled with these acts of violence one could observe a well-orchestrated media campaign to discredit the Government. A plethora of monitoring bodies funded by foreign governments and others are also active in creating a fear psychosis among the public by blowing up even lesser offences. These exaggerated stories are circulated worldwide by their political mentors and economic benefactors to create a wrong picture of the situation in the country.

The UPFA statement also warns the public of attempts to commit large scale election malpractices, such as intimidating voters and buying or stealing of polls cards. To this should be added various threats that have been made from election platforms of the NDF candidate. He has referred to the possibility of the incumbent President trying to remain in Office if defeated at the polls. This is a figment of imagination. In such an event he has threatened to surround the vital institutions in the capital with his supporters and lay siege. Perhaps this may be a plan he may be contemplating in case the results go against him.

What is more likely is that he is trying to create an impression abroad that the election would be not free and fair. The absence of the European Union monitors would make it easier.

Given the widespread negative news stories currently in the international media and attempts by certain western powers to implicate Sri Lanka in war crimes, one wonders whether there is an international conspiracy to subvert the electoral process and plunge the country into anarchy and chaos as it happened following the last election in Teheran.

It should be recalled that the Western powers have perfected their espionage activities in all countries that do not go along with them politically and have on several occasions funded Opposition parties and groups as well as the expatriate community of the countries concerned to subvert the people’s will at elections.

They have on several occasions organized mass protests and have made countries ungovernable. Perhaps it would not be far from wrong if one concludes that an Orange Revolution a la Eastern Europe is in the making Sri Lanka at present.

The safest guarantee against such an eventuality is for the people to stay calm and exercise their suffrage without fear on the day of polling. It is for the Elections Commissioner, the Security Forces and the Police to ensure a healthy environment for a free and fair poll.

Jyoti Basu

The legendary leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) is no more. After a distinguished service of 70 years to the downtrodden masses of India he breathed his last on January 17.

He was active in the Indian Freedom Movement from his student days in London. On his return to India in 1940 he immediately joined the Quit India Movement against the British who continued to occupy and rule India.

As a leader of the Communist Movement in India he dedicated his entire life for the well - being of the workers and other downtrodden masses. He set a world record by being the first Communist to hold the office of Chief Minister in a provincial administration by becoming the Chief Minister of West Bengal in 1952.

He held the same post in successive administrations till 1966 when he retired due to ill health. Nevertheless he continued to be actively engaged in politics till his last days. He was considered a patriarch of Left politics and was respected and admired even by his foes. He was offered the post of Prime Minister once but refused it in accordance with the decision of his party.

A secular politician he stood for the unity of the Indian Union and eschewed communal and religious extremism. His demise has created a void which is hard to fill.

Change vs Status Quo

Lasting peace and stability:

The voters of Sri Lanka will certainly deliver their verdict on the Presidential election on January 26, 2010 in a democratic and discreet manner, answering the issue that had been raised by the challenger who demands “Change” in indecent haste and unbridled hate, against the incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa who valiantly restored the “Status Quo” that Sri Lankans now enjoy since about May 19, 2009, having realized a long lasting dream of peace and tranquillity that the country had been deprived of for over three decades.

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The Morning Inspection - Malinda

The Fonseka option: Change, small change or short-change?

It is natural for people to have differences of opinion. Some people cannot understand why others would want to vote for Mahinda Rajapaksa. Others, similarly, are appalled that there are people who want to vote for Sarath Fonseka. I am appalled that not many want to vote for someone other than these two candidates.

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Leadership on the road to stability

Lankan leaders who did not kowtow to foreign pressure and anarchists to destabilize the country:

At this moment we are facing another dilemma in the Sri Lankan politics. The voter who gave full support to end the terrorist war of 26 years has the carpet pulled under his feet. My thoughts at this time goes to our past leaders who bravely followed a line of action which was independent but traditional and made the world look up to our democracy. Our leaders of the past, like the present President, has acted in the interest of our country.

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