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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

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Film Review:

Kanyavi a psychological human drama

Siritunge Perera has written the script and directed the film while Meena Kumari and Sanath Gunatillake play the key roles. The fundamental theme in this film is the conflict between the individual and the social system.

A happily married middle aged employed husband enjoying the pleasures of a loving pretty wife and a lovable daughter gets entangled in a sensual affair with a

Susila Kottage in Kanyavi

pretty hotel girl with a suspicious character. Because his pretty wife is duty bound, loyal and faithful he takes mean advantage of her innocence to cheat her and harm her feelings in a strategically shrewed manner.

Sanath Gunatillake very easily and capably holds on to this 'double man' like role until he realises the gravity of his misbehaviour at the end of the saga. The other theme is developed to highlight the sacred, pious, honest and faithful nature of a home bound pretty young wife with a growing daughter of a respectable family.

She belongs to the upper social echelon. Her high social class and connections and riches have not in the least made her corrupt either mentally or physically. Meena Kumari as Imaya plays this difficult role.

Unfortunately it appears to be a surprise to find such a pristine "gold standard' like character in the globally outward looking, open and permissive modern urban society. She is a strong character. She understands her husband's movements as well as the soft approach of his 'actor friend' towards her. When the latter produces photographic evidence of her husband's misbehaviour, she retorts back vehemently and shuns friendship.

The film opens with a scene of a happy family. It is only towards the middle of the film we observe that the husband is drifting away from this happy family. It is organized chronologically to reach a climax. This high structure of the film encourages the audience to view the scenes that unfold towards the end of the film.

The audience would feel the shots fired by Imaya at her unfaithful husband. But when the audience see the happy family again in the final scene, there is the reality that is left untold but to be perceived and realised by the mature audience. The end of the text is neat and wonderful. A degree of family equilibrium is restored.

The passionate style of this film captures audience feelings. Symbolism is quite strong in the film. Imaya is the central metaphor - a pretty young wife quite faithful and duty bound. The other characters too are charming and full of life. The fresh faces are promising.

The entire film is a heart-warming inspirational and uplifting experience.


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