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Friday, 15 May 2009

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Dinesh - motor racing driver par excellence

Dinesh Senanayake

Thirty nine year old Dinesh Senanayake took to motor racing at a young age and took part in the first motor race in 1992 at Wace park, Kandy and since then has taken part in every race in Sri Lanka. His Sponsor Toyota Lanka have given their fullest cooperation to him. When Fox hill super cross started in 1993 he competed and from them onwards he has been able to secure 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in every race.

 Is seen here with his 2000cc jeep after his victory

He was awarded the trophy for the youngest driver in 1993/94 at the Fox hill super cross and won the 8kg- 10kg race and the 10kg- 12kg race. He says motor racing is his favourite sport and wishes to continue motor racing in the future too. Fox hill super cross is his favourite motor race. He remarked that there is a vast improvement in the organizing of racing tracks. When comparing to the time he started racing.

He further says every competitor is a challenge to him. He commented that racing tracks have to be modified and the number of competitors have to increase. He pointed out that government has to extend its cooperation on a bigger scale, them at present. He says the racing drivers participate in races fully equipped with helmets, seat belts, guards and with all precautionary appliances and how dangerously the present day competitors ride their bikes at public races.

He further says practicing tracks are very few and he feels that most of the competitors do not practice. He does not have a coach and did everything on his own. He was grateful to his two mechanics Nandana and Chandrarathne (Rathu) and through their support he has been able to win this years Foxhill super cross. He has never participated in any races abroad. He is not employed any where and owns a car sales outlet at Mahara.

He recalled an incident which happened at the trials at this year's Fox hill Super cross. The engine of his jeep stopped working and on that day itself another engine was fixed to the jeep. Through the untiring efforts of his two mechanics he managed to win the first place.



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