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DateLine Friday, 3 October 2008

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Colombo FC out to bring about peace through football

Colombo Football Club is a community based Football Club that is currently playing in the Division II of the Colombo Football League.

The club was founded by Saif Yusoof, who takes a keen interest in developing youth football and promoting the sport more vividly in the country.

The Colombo football Club Team

Colombo Football Clubs' main goal is to create a community team that is based only on the love for the sport, and to prove that in Football and sports in general is the key ingredient in bringing people together.

Colombo FC is to representing the City and the people of Colombo and spread peace through football.

The club believes that the biggest issue in Football in Sri Lanka is that the majority of the players are not very well educated and the level of football in the country does not give them a promising future. The youth players are encouraged to study and financial assistance is given to those who are in need to pursue higher studies.

Saif Yusoof believes that only when the player is skilled both in sport and education, that combination will ensure a more promising future for the player. He believes that once a professional footballer is educated, that they have the opportunity to become leaders in our community and hopefully help the sport in the future.

Colombo FC has already managed to create a small fan base within the city and they proudly wear the teams Black T-Shirt.

The team is coached by veteran Dickson Silva. He is a former football star, who was Sri Lanka's striker in the national team in the 70's. Saif Yusoof believes that he is the most seasoned and most modern coach of our time, and his vision to take the team to Premier League status in the next three years is a likely possibility. His training method brings out the best in a player, and encourages players to show off their own skills and talents.

Colombo FC despite being new into the scene has already managed to play some exciting games, against well known clubs such as Saunders, Java Lane, Army. This proves that Colombo Football Club has the ability to play against well known clubs and shows that their training is of a high standard.


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