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DateLine Thursday, 2 October 2008

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JHU calls for commission to probe INGO activities

The Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) has called for the appointment of an independent commission to probe the activities of INGOs involved in relief work in uncleared areas in the North.

Such a commission should comprise a team of patriotic retired servicemen who are pro-government, the JHU has said.

Tigers were trying to use INGOs and innocent Tamil civilians as a shield to protect themselves

The JHU in a statement said: "as the Security Forces' humanitarian operation to liberate the Wanni was marching forward successfully, the besieged Tiger terrorists were making a last ditch attempt to save Killinochchi from falling into the hands of advancing forces. As much as a drowning man would hang even on a straw to save his life, the Tigers were trying to use INGOs and innocent Tamil civilians as a shield to protect themselves.

The statement issued under the hand of JHU General Secretary Ven. Omalpe Sobitha Thera, further alleged that most Tamil civilians living in uncleared areas belonged to the so-called 'Mahaveer' families who assisted and sustained the Tiger outfit.

There were allegations that certain INGOs had supplied fuel, food, medicine, communication equipment, heavy vehicles, medical equipment and other items on the pretext of helping civilians.

The Tigers were trying to induce foreign intervention in the country by getting the Security Forces to target innocent civilians or INGO personnel in their areas.

Without falling into this trap the Government and the Defence Secretary had taken a wise decision in requesting all INGOs and NGOs operating in uncleared ares to relocate their offices and personnel in Vavuniya and continue their services from there.

The proposed Commission should probe whether all INGOs and NGOs in uncleared areas and their foreign personnel had heeded the request made by the Government and the Defence Secretary and whether any one of them were still flouting it. The Commission should also investigate the manner in which INGOs and NGOs had disposed of their relief goods and whether their vehicles and equipment had been misused to help Tiger terrorists.

There were also allegations that a project director of a certain foreign relief agency in the North had joined the Tiger terrorists.

The Commission should find out whether that person was still living or was killed while piloting the LTTE light plane downed by the Air Force recently.


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