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DateLine Tuesday, 26 August 2008

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Self development plan for professional excellence

Management Tips:

Self-development has in recent years emerged as an important tool for all of us to achieve personal and professional excellence. There are many different approaches in developing self-development plans. They all have a few elements in common. A self-development agenda must be achieved within a clear framework. The process should have the ultimate goal of releasing your full potential.

A self-development plan (SDP) results from prioritising your goals, the post, position or status you want to achieve. To accomplish the plan you need to identify the skills, knowledge or competence to be developed/achieved. This helps to define the appropriate development plan to meet those perceived needs. Scheduling and timing is important but cannot be too regimented.

Identify the aim of SDP

The aim/ objective of any development process needs to be identified. You may be able to do this all by your own, or if not, do not hesitate to rope in your friends, for developing such a plan. It involves:

* Narrowing down to an area of your interest

* Recognising your potential within the chosen sector

* Analysing and gaining a measure of what you are good at and interested in.

* Taking a realistic account of the organisational facts you encounter and also developing your plans with organisational demands to the extent possible.

Ten steps towards self-development

Undertake a personal and professional SWOT analysis. Find answers for what are your strenghts, weaknesses opportunities and threats?

Based in that analysis, develop a personal and professional vision. (What do you want to achieve in about five to six years from now)

Develop mission statements for your Vision (What steps should be taken to achieve the Vision)

Evolve your long, mid-and short-term goals. When you prepare goals and objectives, for your organisational tasks, you normally adopt the 'Smart' formula. Specific, measurable Achievable, Results, time bound. Use the same criteria for your personal and professionals goals as well.

Have a clear-cut aim for every activity/ objective.

Must develop a burning desire-a missionary zeal-to achieve results.

Make a time-bound plan of action to achieve laid down objective.

Have an a binding faith and confidence in your abilities.

Always visualise/ expect positive results.

Express gratitude in advance for the results 'already achieved' (visualised)

Attributes of successful SDP

Some of the other noteworthy attributes of a successful SDP:

Knowledgeable and professional skills.

Positive mental attitude.

Managerial skills to get maximum results through minimum effort by synegetic cooperation without unnecessary competition.

Charismatic Leader who places service before self.

Effective communication-prefers listening to talking.

Ethically upright and follows the highest standards of personal ethics. Sets examples of courteous behaviour.

Does not unnecessarily criticise others, but gracefully accepts healthy criticism.

A sense of humour. Wears a smile. Makes others too, smile as often as possible.

Does not generate fear psychosis in others.

Plan for success

Thus, the basic ingredients of a plan for success are:

Goal setting: The most essential step is to clearly spell out what exactly your 'aim' is.

You may call it goal or objective but it must be in consonance with the macro-level philosophy governing the purpose of life and work.

Then stick to your aim. Never ever give up. Do not keep changing your aim/ objective but review, if required, the courses of action to fulfil them. Don't be a rolling stone! It is a good idea to put your aim in writing and keep seeing it as often as possible.

Time stipulation: Always stipulate the timeframe by which you intend achieving your objectives. Be realistic in allocating adequate time for a particular task.

Plan of action: Evolve a well-conceived plan of action, after evaluating the pros and cons of various options available.

Firmly believe yourself and your goal

Define your positive goal and wite it down. Continue to look your goal as often as possible, first thing in the morning and last thing before your go to sleep.

Plan very carefully how, when and by what means you expect to reach the goal. Lay down a specific date giving a reasonable time for the plan to be achieved.

Acquire necessary technical knowledge to back up your goal.

Implement plan, continuously bearing in mind your overall aim in life and let it be guided by your 'core values'.

Maintain positive emotions, firm belief, faith and confidence with total enthusiasm.

Never, ever give up, easily.

Positive thinking is the key to development of a positive attitude, without which the actions cannot be positive, i.e. result-oriented.

Therefore, you should think positively, speak positively, work positively and act positively to achieve your goals and attain the highest level of personal and professional life.

A self-development plan will definitely take you to greater heights of success and achievements! With a self-development plan, you will definitely, grow, develop, improve, come-up and achieve your desired ends, provided, you undertake positive steps towards achieving your plans.

May you achieve your cherished self-development plan and enjoy all the best in your professional life!



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