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DateLine Monday, 24 December 2007

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Duplicate is no Duplicate

Anarkalli and Sanka

Imagine a life with two Anarkalli Aakarshas and two Sanka Prasads! Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Well, your wishes will soon be granted because that is exactly what’s in store for you. Hemasiri Sellapperuma’s newest cenematic creation, ‘Duplicate’, has it all. Romance, suspense, laughter, action and more. You name it.

The shooting of the film will start in February 2008 and includes a line of well loved actors and actresses in lead roles. As the excitement builds up and plans are being made, Daily News approached the cast and crew of the movie to get things from the horse’s mouth.

From Anarkalli...

“I believe ‘Duplicate’ is going to be a success because it as a combination of everything-love, humour, action and suspense. It keeps you guessing and glued to your seat. It means something entirely different to me. I have two roles to portray. Two roles that are very different from each other-a pick-pocket and a police officer. It is a bit of a contrast and a challenge as well.”

Teddy and Wilson

“This film will introduce a new flavour of cinema to a country which is still getting used to the concept of Sri Lankan cinema when everyone is moving towards the Hindi field. We will work hard to make this a success. I hope and pray that with everything coming to place this movie will open a new chapter and that no one copies it.”

From Sanka...

“I am very grateful for being chosen to portray this role under a veteran director. I would be double acting in the roles of a thief and an architect. These are opposing characters which have very little in common apart from the mirror images. Though I have gained recognition as a choreographer, people will see me in different light as an actor. I believe that this film will be a grand and beautiful creation.”

From Vijaya....


“Hemasiri Sellaperuma is one of our most renowned directors. This is the first opportunity I received to act in one of his creations. I am full of enthusiasm to portray my role and hope to perform to the best of my ability.”

“Most of my colleagues are familiar to me as I have acted opposite them in a number of other creations but there are a few new newcomers too.”

From Kusum....

“Comic roles are no strangers for me. I have acted in several comedies before but this role is different from those I have portrayed so far. The film is connected with the family element, therefore I play a chief role as Anarkalli’s mother.”

“Vijaya and I have no difficulties acting opposite each other. We have given life to many characters together and have experience from acting live on stage. Our performances together have always proven to be a success and people have taken those characters to heart.”

From Anusha...

Kusum and Vijaya

“There are about five lead roles in this story. Two bands of robbers clash and there is action and comedy. I am a member in one of the two groups.”

“This is an opportunity for me to act with Indika again. Let’s just wait and see how the film progress.”

From Indika...

Anusha and Indika

“It is pleasing to get another chance to act beside Anusha, she is an experienced and professional actress. There is a lot to learn from her. We click well together in our roles.”

“My next feature is in Charith Kirielle’s Uthuru Sulanga which will start at the end of the month. That is something I am looking forward to as well.”

From the director - Hemasiri Sellapperuma....

“I began directing films with Sathveni Dawasa in 1981.

Since then I have contributed around 40 films to the industry.”

“My latest film is based on confusion. You wouldn’t be able to recognise the thieves from the honest citizens. I have always made movies which the whole family can watch together. Duplicate is no exception.”


Director: Hemasiri Sellapperuma

Producer: M.H. Ananda

Cast: Anarkalli Aakarsha

Sanka Prasad

Vijaya Nandasiri

Kusum Renu

Anusha Damayanthi

Indika Ratnayake

Anton Jude

Rodney Warnakula

Wilson Karu

Teddy Vidyalankara

Cameraman: K.D. Dayananda

Music: Sarath Wickrama

Fight Director: Sarath Silva

Editor: Praveen Jayaratne

Assistant Director: Dhanesh Lanka

Choreographer: Sanka Prasad



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