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DateLine Saturday, 11 August 2007

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Caring infirmary in Anuradhapura

THE LACK of a proper hospital, or a medical centre was a hindrance for upgrading the lives of people in the Anuradhapura District.

The aim of the Suwa Shanthi Hospital was to bring the doctors and specialists under one roof and provide

The Suwa Shanthi Hospital

 the necessary medical facilities to the people around. The person behind the walls of the massive building is Chairman, Suwa Shanthi Hospital, Shanthi Liyanage.

"It was a huge task and a challenge to build the hospital. My husband H. K. A. Gunarathne is a businessman. He initiated building this hospital where people can obtain a better and an efficient service at a reasonable cost," she said.

Liyanage said the existing medical centres in the District were unclean and disorganised. "People used to suffer. Even the doctors did not have enough facilities to provide a good service. Four hundred to five hundred people visit the medical centres daily and they had no facilities at all," Liyanage explained.

"Amidst all these challenges and obstacles we were able to put up Santhi Medical Centre in 1998. We received the service of 15 specialists. There were four rooms for the doctors. The centre was small but we were able to offer a good service to the patient," she said.

Out Patient Department

"Gradually people started flowing to the hospital. They were satisfied with the facilities we offer. The service was efficient and the centre consisted of modern equipment. Several friends assisted us to get here.

We were able to turn the Shanthi Medical Centre into the Suwa Shanthi Hospitals (Pvt) Ltd in 2001," she added.

"The hospital has facilities such as the OPD, specialists' services, operation theatre, x-rays, ECG, scanning facilities, a laboratory and a pharmacy. My main concern is patients' satisfaction. Around 350 patients come to us for various sicknesses daily.

There are water filters and elevators for the patients. We also have an ambulance service," Liyanage explained.

Around 60 employees work under her. She said their dedication improves the services and attracts people to the hospital.

"Employees are given residential facilities free. They are insured and their work is assessed during the year. Through this they are trained to provide a better service for the patients. I have invested Rs. 48 m to

Operation theatre

 establish this hospital with all facilities. I hope to expand the services in the future," she explained.

"We have been successful and have come along way in 10 years. We share our success with the people and the staff. Without their support and faith we would not have been able to achieve this huge task.

I am dedicated to improve our services more and offer more facilities in the future. Then the people don't have to be anxious and head to Colombo or Kandy when burdened with a sickness. They will have a solution in their own town," she said.

She has been awarded the Provincial silver award at the Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year 2005, for her valuable service. "My aim is to upgrade the services and contribute in creating a healthy nation," Liyanage said.


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