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DateLine Friday, 23 March 2007

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I will break your face - Diplomat?

Reference the above titled news item published in the Daily News on March 22(Thursday) by Dushy Ranetunge, we have received the following responses:



This dirty iraqi should be kicked out of the country. He should face the same treatment as if a Sri Lankan in their country has committed an offence and the consequences he would have to face for a simillar offence.

Unfortunately, who will care what happens to a poor employee in a shop. Dollars and foreigners are important to Sri Lanka more than their dignity and self respect. Let’s watch what the Human Rights Group has to say about this matter.

This Iraqi has committed an offence, it is false pretence to act as a Diplomat for his personal gain. Therefore, he should be charged for threatening to harm a person, insulting, abusing and his violent behaviour in a public place.

Law enforcement agency, Police and politicians, wake up. There is an important call to answer. Where are these big mouth politicians who screamed their guts out on election platforms, begging the poor mans support to go to the Parliment.



The diplomat must understand what happens if someone does the same to his mother or wife. Would he like it? Well, diplomat or not, no one has the right to abuse and threaten another.

We are living in a civilised world and this is definitely not civilised behaviour.

More so, if he is a diplomat, he must be exemplary in conduct representing his country.

A police report must be lodged to safeguard the female staff member.

The Iraqi must make an apology in person. If he cannot control his anger he should be sent for a anger management course at his expense. Maybe in Iraq he can get away with his aggresive attitude but not in Sri Lanka.

Have Compassion to your fellow beings.



I happened to read the above mentioned news item by Dushy Ranetunge.

Although it’s an unpleasant incident, you have done a good job by reporting it, especially with his name and phone number. I hope people(readers) will understand the value of those two pieces of information.



These idiots’ think that we are their servants as we Sri Lankns are too polite and too obedient to the foreigners most of the time and should be told off when it is needed.

Living in Australia for the past 20 years, this is what I have noticed and done. Even people (our people) are still bending their back to the visiting corrupted Sri Lankan politicians too.

In my opinion, they should be put on notice that and when have the opportunity to put them on notice to show them that we do not encourage them to what their doing to the country and if they are roughs to not to visit us.

Bahu Vs Yapa

In response to Jayantha Anandappa’s letter titled ‘Bahu Vs Yapa’, it is important to note that the writer has provided wrong information on my behalf. At least, he should have checked with the Sri Lanka immigration about my departure/arrival dates from the island prior to sending false information about myself to a national newspaper.

Furthermore, he has made a flimsy attempt to express his own view about my personal knowledge and awareness of contemporary Sri Lankan issues by saying that my understanding is light years away because of my present stay away from Sri Lanka. Clearly, he has no knowledge of myself and how often I visit my family, relatives and friends in my home country.

It is also apparently clear that Mr. Anandappa is not aware of the modern communication systems and the internet available today for people to learn about Sri Lankan affairs on a minute by minute basis from any where in the world.

Obviously, this confirms to me that Jayantha Anandappa who admits himself that he was fascinated by the charismatic personality of Bahu as a wide eyed naive undegraduate is light years away from the current affairs of the world. Therefore, he has the right qualifications to defend Bahu.

Pensioners lucky

This refers to the letter appearing in the Daily News of March 14 under the above caption. The writer, being a pensioner, has made every endeavour to drive home the fact that a regular monthly pension in late life constitutes a God’s gift.

Today’s Parliamentarians would be the most lucky pensioners in their late lives. There are also high income groups who invest with a view to reaping profits. All Government employees should also consider themselves lucky, as they are assured of a monthly income.

All other working people undergo immense suffering in their old age, without a regular income. Not only non-government workers, but also ex-managers from the private sector are very often ending up as paupers in their old age, due to lack of a monthly pension.

The Government, now engaged in genuine social development, should consider this issue as its sacred duty to evolve an optional pension scheme for all non-government employees, through a contribution from their monthly salary to enable them to spend their old age with the minimum of comforts.

This issue deserves attention particulary in view of the on-coming ageing boom. We will then be proud to declare ourselves citizens of a Socialist Republic.

LTTE’s true intentions

Reference editorial of Daily News March 20 titled ‘LTTE’s true intentions’. As the editor points out the destroying of yet another couple of gun runners off the coast of Sri Lanka by the SLN highlights several factors:

1. The ‘fire power of the LTTE’ has always been the mother of all myths.

2. It shows that the international community is not doing enough to stem the flow of funds and logistics to the LTTE to procure and transport arms.

3. The LTTE is not working hard for peace but for war.

In this backdrop Mr. Blair’s recent bleatings regarding the need for Sri Lanka to go back to the notorious CFA 2002 is the biggest hypocritical statement going around at present. Joining him in this crusade to shelter the cornered LTTE terrorists are the US, UK and the European ‘diplomuts’ and other VIPs.

Going back to the CFA means that the Armed Forces must go back to their bunkers, LTTE has carte blanche to spread their terror network right round the country and the cleared parts of the East including the control of Mahaweli Oya (Mavil Aru) must be handed back to the LTTE terror machine.

Britain morally and legally owes Sri Lanka billions of sterling pounds to compensate for the incredible amount damage they have done to the social and economic fabric of the country and the destruction of the Sinhala Buddhist heritage through colonisation and proselytisation.

On top of the injustices, they have heaped upon our country. we urge Mr. Blair to take his concern and hypocrisy elsewhere. Long live Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces!

A Sri Lankan kidnapped by Moro rebels

Reading the above titled article brought back horrible memories from 1983 when my husband Sumith was kidnapped by the Moro rebels in 1983. He was working for an American Company in Mindanao when he was kidnapped and held in captivity for 9 long months for ransom, until he managed to escape from the group. As far as I am concerned these are terrorists and they will never be happy with any political solution.


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