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I was once behind the wheel,
Guiding it,
Having a real bird's eye view,
Conquering a place from where I could see things for miles.
Smart and elegant I was,
It was my soul,
It was what I lived for.

Now I stand watching,
Leaning on my walking stick.
A new face taking my seat.
Smart and elegant as I had once been,
The grey hair around my ear making me uneasy.

The wheels disappeared
The wings cut through the still air
'There she goes' I said
My life was flying away from me

Everything was a blur...... my cheeks were moist.....
...... I was crying ....!


Fly beyond horizon
With your loved ones
For survival:
From the brutal war
Erupted between brothers.

When the war's over
Fly back home
With your loved ones;
To live in peace.

But...In your return
You will see nobody
Here, to greet you;
Because, because
War is devastation.

Shadow in my heart

Looking back at our childhood
Some time those were joyful memories...
How many hours had my head lay
In your comfortable lap....
I can remember that how we
Cruised under the street by wrapping our hands....

And what a big scream had I done
When you joked at me....
I'll never forget the night that we,
Counted stars looking at the starry sky...
And hanging in your neck father.
Sweeter than a heaven for me....
I know how you care for others.
"Cos that had been your policy....
I still reminiscence the happy hours
You were with me....
And you'd been a great shadow for me.
In my whole lifetime....

Today, you're not with me,
So I shed tears of sorrow...
I try to achieve success,
From the dreams that I build on your lap...
And I know they are
Not in so above....
Today also, I'm looking at the sky,
'Cost that starry sky in the night
Would still remind me of you....

Remembering Morky Girl

How can I start
to write about you
you are so deeply
etched in my heart
it hurts to remember
your beautiful hazel eyes
pledging undying love

Feeble as you were
in later years
your thin wobbly legs
would drag to the door
to give me a loving lick
as usual on my toes
no sooner my feet
entered the door

Ah! the smell of good food
nose in the air
sniffing till you get there
pastries, cakes, biryani...
you loved it all
my friends were your friends
so docile in their company
always rewarded with
the choicest morsel of food

I willed you to live
with my love
even beyond your years
but age sat prettily on you
All of twenty one years
Jet black fur, bright eyes
even without vision
I am happy I was there
when you breathed your last
I kept you with me overnight
hating to cover you with earth

Dearest Morky
be mine again and again

Wild flower

As I was meditating seated on a rocky stone,
Could hear the words of wisdom in gentle tone!
"It is true flowers widespread throughout the universe
Spreading fragrance, beauty and fascinating hues,
Overflowing honey attracts bees.
Oh! How they adorn the churches, temples and mosques
Wreathes for funerals, bouquets for weddings,
Reminding symbols for lovers beddings."
Uttered the wild flower kindly and serenely
"But our family grows in the rough edges,
Steady and long lasting our life pledges.
No one nurtures us, waters or caresses us
Un-assumingly we toil to grow, bloom and blossom
Only a very few artists and poets know us
But we know God has created us
Not accidentally, but with a mission of
Being a Wild Flower
This realisation gives us a sense of self worth,
Self dignity and self esteem
It is not the laurels and empty promises
Enhance our identity,
But the humble performance
Playing the role to beautify the world"
If we are wide open to nature,
It teaches simple lesson of life.


Forget all your troubles and mournings
Which make your feelings hurt
Try to refresh and bloom
Just like a rising sun

Fathom your motives
And feel your spirits rise
Unleash new rapture
And reach for the heavenly sky

You may retrieve failure,
But think that the success is brink
Ride new waves of jubilation
Try and smile once

Pack up all your woe,
Buck up or you'll get late,
The new season has arrived
Hug each and every moment of life

Conversation in a street near a pavement cafe

"My, child! After ages, no? So how?
Don't tell me you're living in Kandy now?"

"No, men, just came, dang nidahas, no..."

"What, what, what?" You mean to say..."

Dikkasada put - why, you didn't know?"

"How to know, men dang husband ko?"

"Filed a case - that's what I did. What, men,
hama daama coming drunk an' then
breaking plates an' glasses - when he drink
yakek vagey..."

"Anney, child, to think
I never knew - and the children where?"

"My mother keeping, she is taking care."
"Eka hondai. Shall we have some tea?
Short-eats tikak kamu - you must be
tired also, coming all the way..."

"Mus' go back. Haven't place to stay.
Thought to come and see you, just to tell
all that happened. It was like real hell!"

"Sha! Poddak vath didn't know - damn shame,
should have put a letter before came,
you know, no, our house is very small,
when putha's friends come, sleeping in the hall..."

"That's never mind, men, mus' go anyway,
aayith ennang on some other day,
main thing now is have to find a job -
what to do, men, like a rogue can't rob..."

"Here, try the seeni sambol bun - nice an' hot,
I'm thinking, child, we go and tie the knot -
apey karuma... home also the same,
if haven't money, I'm the one to blame!
How much telling, find another place,
will he listen? House is a disgrace!
have to put up, better or for worse,
meka thamai every woman's curse!
Shall we have two cups of Nescafe?
Here, eat summore - don't worry, I will pay,
then I must run... have to buy some stuff,
kochchara gattoth not enough -
the cost of things now... where the money goes,
anney I can't tell. God only knows.

"Then I will go. I can take the train -
valakul! I think it's going to rain,
better in the station I can wait...

"Here, child, keep this - little I can spare,
thought to go to Queen's an' do my hair,
but never mind, you just take an' go -
the way we're living, even I don't know!"

(thinking aloud)
Pukka! Whether pack of lies, who knows...
coming here to beg - big tale of woes;
how if fell on me at home - good thing
I met like this, coming here to cling
on me and tell me to put her up - for what?
Mus' be thinking I'm a real mutt!
Lajja vadak! All the way she came
lucky thing I saw her little game;
let her go - best thing she can do
is find another man, I wanted to
tell like that, but never mind -
raining also... trying to be kind,
shameless - true or what don't know, and then
I fifty gave! Should have given ten!


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