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Tigers as a scourge of the Tamils

It should no longer be in dispute that the LTTE does not care even in the least for the civilians of the North-East. There is now clinching evidence of this fact in the form of the outrageous LTTE attack on the State-chartered food vessel in Pt. Pedro.

If the LTTE cares for the North-East civilians, as it now claims to be, would it train its guns on vessels carrying essential food commodities to the North?

The answer is an obvious 'no', considering the vital importance of essential food items in the lives of the people. What makes the LTTE attack more astonishing and exasperating is the Tigers' routine claim that they and they alone are the "sole representatives "of the Tamil people.

The attack on the vessel makes an outrageous mockery of such pretensions. In fact the sheer sadism reflected in the act of depriving the people of their essential needs proves that the LTTE does not care a farthing for the people's well-being. The Tamil people were used as sacrificial lambs by the LTTE for the achievement of their petty political and military aims and this revolting trend seems to be continuing.

The game plan of the LTTE in this attack seems to be the generation of more and more hardships and deprivations among the Tamil people, so that the Tigers' disinformation mill could then claim that the people are being victimized by the State. However, it should be as plain as day that it is the State and the State alone which is succouring the Tamil people and that too with absolute consistency because the Government never overlooks the needs of the people wherever they may be.

In fact the Pt. Pedro attack is a bestial extension of the LTTE policy in the Eastern Province where it is beating a hasty retreat in the face of the courageous military campaign conducted by the Security Forces.

In the Eastern Province, until they were reduced to non entity status, it was the practice of the LTTE to use the civilian population as a human shield. The evil design was to expose civilians to Security Forces' fire and then claim that the people were being victimized by the State.

The tactic is substantially the same in the North. By bringing about hardships among the Northern people, by depriving them of their needs, the Tigers are hoping to foist on the world the blatant falsehood that the Tamil people are being cruelly treated.

The State needs to launch a dynamic awareness-raising program to enlighten the world on the factual situation here. While persisting with the program of feeding and caring for the North-East, the Government should expose the LTTE's sadistic cruelty for all to see.

The State should also persist steadily with the task of resettling the displaced civilians of the East and of restoring normalcy in the area, as soon as possible. The Security Forces did well to resoundingly neutralize the Tigers in the East. What is left to be done is to restore to the people their livelihoods and homesteads. Thus their hearts and minds would be won.


Law suit against Oslo over Norway-LTTE links

Norwegians Against Terrorism will this year probe Sri Lanka's Norwegian-funded aid projects to uncover LTTE links. NAT is already in the process of collecting evidence for a future class action law suit against Oslo over Norwegian funding of Tiger terrorism, according to the latest NAT report, The International Fight Against LTTE dated January 14, 2007.

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LTTE domination in the United Kingdom

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam established its foothold in London following the July 1983 riots in Sri Lanka. The primary mover, to establish the first LTTE office in Selborne Gardens in Hendon in Northwest London, was Balasegaram.

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