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St. Paul's celebrates 120th birthday

CELEBRATION: St. Paul's Girls' School, Milagiriya founded on January 14, 1887 as a parish school affiliated to the Anglican church completed its 120th birthday on January 14, 2007. In the early days there had been a girls' school run by the parish attached to the church with just 24 students and 4 teachers.

In 1930 St. Paul's Girls' School Milagiriya 'English' school was established merging the 'Sinhalese' school.

It was later named St. Paul's Girls' School, Milagiriya. The school was acquired by the State in 1961.

It was declared a National School in 1993 which was initiated by Mrs. Gothami Fernando the then Principal. In the early years of the school's long history, the majority of students belonged to the Burgher community and the medium of instruction was English. History also records the existence of boys in the primary section.

The present principal is Mrs. Geetha Abeygunawardane. She was appointed as the principal at St. Paul's Girls' School, Milagiriya in 2003. She always takes a great effort to upgrade the standard of education and extra curricular activities.

As a result of this the students of St. Paul's Girls' School, Milagiriya excelled themselves in both academic and extra curricular activities. Mrs. Geetha Abeygunawardane, is a great inspiration to the students.

Although the students population and members of the tutorial staff have increased over the years, the school still strives towards achieving common educational objectives with no religious or ethnic bias among the students or staff.

Whilst gradually developing school's resources and providing facilities to students St. Paul's Girls' School, Milagiriya has accordingly endowed the nation with a generation of accomplished ladies, including medical, engineering, law, science and arts graduates and professionals in every field.

The school has also gifted a number of artists with great prowess to the nation from the time of Dona Isabella 'Gajaman Nona' to-date.

To mark the school's 120th birthday be a special 'Bodhi Pooja' was held on Friday January 12, 2007 organised by the Past Pupils' Association, staff and students of the school. Also the annual all night 'pirith ceremony' will be held on January 26 and 27 in the school main hall.


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