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US President George W. Bush (right) shakes hands with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during the welcome ceremony at the presidential palace in New Delhi. (Reuter)

Man about the house

DESPITE being aided by a walking stick, the tall and stately Sam Wijesinha commands a certain awe when he walks into the room. As he speaks candidly about his life and times, it is clear that here stands a man who is guided by the principle that in being straight, just and forthright, the truth will ultimately triumph.

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Managing public affairs Sri Lankan style!

THE State government of Victoria in Australia recently announced the appointment of a distinguished Sri Lankan migrant as the new Governer of the State, namely Prof. David Krester, who had migrated there with his Sri Lankan parents in the mid 1950s.

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Balasingham failed in Celigny

THE Geneva talks that estranged the artificial war phobia and the fraudulent hawkish icon attributed to President Mahinda Rajapakse ended with a signed protocol forcing the terrorist outfit to meet again in Geneva in the 3rd week of next month and assess the progress of the protocol.

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High security throws life out of gear

'Let's learn English': What the book says

Robots take the world by storm in surgery - Dr. Lim Cheok Peng

A Second Look: Her work is never done 

HSBC reconstructs tsunami-affected school in Matara

Educationist who devoted time to Elle

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