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Angulimala - 31

The Buddha’s Maha Karuna Samapatti

It was the twentieth year of the Buddha’s Ministry. At this time, He was residing at the Jetawana Monastery. On that very morning, as the Buddha routinely surveyed the world with His Maha Karuna Samapatti, through His psychic powers, He saw the unfortunate plight of Angulimala who was innately virtuous. He saw the Akusala Kamma, that Angulimala was about to commit.

The Buddha envisioned Mantani walking towards Angulimala’s forest abode eager to save her son, but unaware of her fate. Through His divine eye he could see Angulimala’s obsession to fulfil his Guru Dakshina.

He saw that he had already secured nine hundred and ninety-nine angulis and was all set to secure the thousandth little finger to complete his Guru Dakshina. So compelling was his desire to complete his garland of angulis that it would lead him surely even to kill his own mother.


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