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Listen to the voice of humanity

The majority of the people of this country are bound to be aghast at the inability of some political parties to see eye-to-eye with the Government on a patently just arrangement to rebuild the tsunami-devastated areas of the North-East, thereby delaying the rebuilding process in the North-East.

What, most persons would be finding difficult to come to terms with is the irrationality of these critics of the proposed arrangement. Given the fact that some areas of the North-East are already considered LTTE-controlled areas, any Government aiming at conducting essential services in those regions would have to do so with the cooperation of the LTTE.

This would'nt amount to according to the LTTE the status of a separate State entity. It is just that the LTTE presence cannot be wished away. However, as reportedly pointed out by the President, the LTTE's acceptance of the proposed administrative mechanism points to its recognition of the sovereignty of the country and the role of State agencies.

A further complication has been added to the situation by the UNP refusing to accept the President's invitation to discuss the joint mechanism. We wish to remind these slow-footed, habitually fault-finding and hair-splitting political forces that there is a vast multitude of people in the tsunami-affected regions of the country, who are awaiting speedy State assistance to bring their lives to a degree of normalcy.

While politicians needlessly and mindlessly face-off against each other with, basically, an eye on their vote banks, hundreds and thousands of our citizens are suffering with mounting bitterness in temporary shelters and tents. How could these squabbling politicians aim at scoring debating points, while this vast multitude continues to suffer?

Despite 30 years of conflict, war and misfortune, the politicians of this country are yet to hearken to the any of humanity. This is an astoundingly saddening reality for a country which is awash almost with buildings pertaining to this or that faith or religion proclaiming peace and goodness. Power, apparently, is being made to rule all.

We wish to remind the politicians of this country that the best way to swell their vote banks is to do the right thing. The right thing in the current context is to rebuild this devastated land as quickly as possible. We urge them to the pragmatic and socially-responsible, by joining hands with the Government in its rebuilding effort.

The Government's position right along has been that the cooperation built with the LTTE, could be a basis for re-starting the peace effort. Why reject such a patently correct position? The polity needs to be aware that the Government has no choice bat to govern and that too,fairly and righteously. Its patience cannot be limitless in this task.

The State will be obliged to do what is right, disregarding irrational, selfish opposition, once a fair chance has bee given by it for prior discussion on the rebuilding mechanism.


http://www.mrrr.lk/(Ministry of Relief Rehabilitation & Reconciliation)




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