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Tsunami song receives positive reviews in the UK

Ivan Corea in London

The Tsunami Song written by one of Sri Lanka's greatest singers/songwriters, Nimal Mendis has received positive reviews in the UK even before it has been recorded in London.

People from all over the world - including the UK - have been e-mailing Nimal Mendis following the publicity in the Sri Lankan newspapers about his heartfelt composition. Nimal was in the forefront of the world of popular music in the UK in the 1960s and 1970s and was on many a music tv program including BBC Television's 'Top of the Pops.'

The English version of Nimal Mendis' song 'Tsunami' has already been recorded in Australia by brothers Rohan and Nalin Jayawardena. They hope to cover the Sinhala version later on this year. Nimal wanted the Sinhala version by Varadatta Aravinda to come out first in Sri Lanka. They decided to record the English version for their many fans in Australia and abroad as the song is generating much interest and publicity. Proceeds from the song will go to the victims of the tsunami in Sri Lanka.

Vocals and orchestration was performed by Rohan and the 32 track digitalised recording was by Nalin, in their own studio in Perth. Rohan was accompanied by Minali Gamage in Vocals.

Mendis is still looking for a British sponsor to record the song in London. He hopes that a British company would come forward to support the song - every penny will go to the tsunami victims in Sri Lanka through the President's Fund. A call has now gone out to British companies doing business with the island to support Nimal Mendis.

He hopes to fly down to Colombo to record the song - Band Aid style with a number of top Sri Lankan artistes - many have contacted him in France requesting to join a group to sing his composition.

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