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Finance Ministry to modernize Inland Revenue Department

The Finance Ministry under President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga's guidance will launch an accelerated program to modernise the Inland Revenue Department to increase the government tax revenue, Minister Dr. Sarath Amunugama said yesterday. The Ministry will launch this program with Cabinet approval, a Ministry release said.

According to Dr. Amunugama, 622 employees attached to the Inland Revenue Department will be promoted as assessors to make Department activities more efficient.

Accordingly, 479 employed as tax officers, senior tax officers and clerks deprived the statutory powers of taxation despite their qualifications as graduates and similar educational and vocational qualifications, will be appointed as assessors, the release added.

In addition, 143 employees who have served the Department for more than 30 years and are to retire will also be promoted as assessors, the release added.

Dr. Amunugama said he will take steps to formulate a new service regulation in the Inland Revenue Department and get Cabinet approval to solve problems at the Department to do justice to employees affected from the problem.

In formulating this Service Regulations, Dr. Amunugama will look into various aspects of recruitment, promotions, experience of employees etc so that no injustice will be done to employees.

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