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Eco Park opens to the public

Sigiriya frescoe

Dambulla which is in the center of the cultural triangle with the Sigiriya Rock Fortress standing majestically overlooking the historic Rangiri Dambulu Temple is now gaining popularity as a home to indigenous birds, wildlife and flora.

The main attraction for birds is the rich and undisturbed natural habitat and the picturesque Kandalama tank.

The leading hotels, Culture Club, Hotel Sigiriya, Elephant Corridor, Sigiriya Village and Kandalama are all respecting the value of nature doing various things to keep the Eco balance in place.

Kandalama hotel is barely visible being situated in the middle of the jungle built into a cliff and has invested heavily on an Eco Park. The hotel is the only property in Sri Lanka, which employ a permanent Ecologist. Eco Park was opened by President of the World Travel and Tourism Council and Chief Executive Officer of the Green Globe Organisation Geoffrey Lipman in the presence of Dharmasiri Senanayake, former Minister of Tourism and Aviation and Nandimitra Ekanayake, Minister of Forestry and Environment and R. Sivaratnam, Chairman, Aitken Spence and Company Limited on July 1998, adjacent to Kandalama Hotel.

This is an innovation by the staff of Kandalama Hotel. The Eco Park communicates to the guests, visitors and all those interested, virtues of optimum use of natural resources, waste reduction and conservation of the environment. The 3R principal for the reduction, reuse and recycling of precious natural resources is aptly demonstrated here to enable visitors to learn the techniques and best practices.

The Dambulla Rock Temple

It is a community service and school's do benefit immensely. The park consists of a nursery of indigenous flora. This is a continuing process, where the materials used to enrich the surrounding environment preserves the biodiversity. A plant is given to every guest when he/she leaves, thus spreading the conservation message to the four corners of the island. Bee Keeping has been introduced as a demonstration to the community to adopt good practices by learning.

A patch of forest at the park harbours birds, insects and small fauna. The welcome crowing of the jungle fowl is a frequent call and if you are quiet, one gets a good glimpse of the national bird of Sri Lanka which is endemic to our country. Groups of different bird species feeding together is quite a frequent sight here.

Among the trees (oxygen generators) there are benches and a trunk of a dead tree which supports a blackboard for lectures and discussions. Posters are hung inside a rustic looking building for educational purposes. The rich biodiversity and the message to conserve the environment is, well depicted in these posters.

The hotel expects this to be a study center for eco-friendly practices and hopes to maintain this as a community service in these times of environmental degradation. Let this serve the purpose of an awareness builder to protect and preserve the beautiful and biological diverse fauna and flora of Sri Lanka.

The latest additions are an eco library and a medicinal herbs garden. The library is lit with solar power. An eco museum is the next project.



Stix - a taste of Shanghai at the Galadari Hotel

The Galadari Hotel's Chinese Restaurant has gone in for a few changes and from 10th July will offer a new name, new look and new menu.

The Hotel's dynamic and experience Chinese chef Wu Lin from Shanghai has been with the Galadari Hotel for the last Four years and has a wide and varied repertoire in Szechuan and Shanghai cuisines.

Stix will open on 10th July with the Steam Boat Promotion (Fondue style cooking) food prepared on the table to your individual liking. The promotion will be from 10th - 18th July for dinner only.

Stix will operate daily for Lunch and Dinner and is located in the Hotel's Lobbhy.

Stix's new menu offers a wide range of dishes. having to choose from over 100 dishes Stix will be a place you will have to visit a many a times. Some of the specials include Soup Noodles. Chillie Lobster, Honey Chicken, Stir Fried Crab and lots more.

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