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We follow Ashraff's ideals - A.L.M. Athaullah

by M.A. Fakurdeen - Addalaichenai Group Coor

"Minister Rauff Hakeem raises his voice on behalf the of Muslims and their rights only after we (the Ashraff Congress) left him. If we were with him and remained silent he would have taken the Muslim community for a ride and turned everything upside down.

Our presence has made Minister Hakeem very vigilant and cautious, said Ashraff Congress Leader and Minister of Highways A.L.M. Athaullah at a Public Meeting in Addalaichenai which followed the ceremonial inauguration of the Road Development Project which is estimated to cost approximately Rs. 100 million.

Former Deputy Chairman of the Addalaichenai Pradeshiya Sabha and the Co-Ordinating Secretary to the Minister M.S. Uthumalebbe presided at the meeting.

Athaullah said that there are lots of people approaching him to re-unite with Rauff Hakeem to enable the Muslim Community to strengthen their voices. He replied them that they are all united as far as the SLMC's policies are concerned and just because Minister Hakeem was far away from SLMC's policies and ideals he could not accept their request, he said.

Minister Athaullah reiterated that he and his colleagues are very strong followers of late Minister Ashraff and under any circumstances we would not tarnish his image and aspirations.

We always respect our Leader Ashraff by following his policies and deeds. He also reminded said that Ashraff founded the SLMC to win the rights of the Muslims and safeguard their self determination. What has happened today is that the SLMC has lost its way and was going on a wrong path.

However much we tried to put them on the right path all our attempts failed. Hence we took our own decision to form this Ashraff Congress with Late Leader Ashraff's ideals. We are going on the right path with the right vision", he said.

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