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His Holiness Al Seyyid Ash Sheik Ajwad Abdullah Al Fassi Al Macci Ash Shazulee will be visiting Sri Lanka from January 4 to 20. His Holiness is a member of the 'Baith Ul Fassi' in Holy Mecca, the world headquarters of the Shazuliyathul Fassiya Order (Thareeqa). A visit by a member of the 'Baith Ul Fassy' to Sri Lanka is taking place after 12 years.

The last visit to Sri Lanka was in 1991 by His Holiness the Late Al Seyyid Ash Sheik Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Al Fassy Al Macci Ash Shazulee (Raliallahu Anhu), states in a press release issued by the General Secretary of Ummu Zavaya, Headquarters of the Shazuliyathul Fassiya Order in Sri Lanka Nazushan Hassen.

Some of the objectives of His Holiness' visit will include the reviving the Fasiyyah-Shazuliyyah Order, clarifying the Sufism concepts and its absent values, putting the Muslim youth on the path of moderate Islam and establishing peace, a universal necessity, all humans seek to accomplish.

During the visit, His Holiness will meet the Ikhwans (followers) of the Shazuliya Thareeqa in Sri Lanka. His Holiness will be staying at the Ummu Zavaya, Colombo and will visit Zaviyas in Colombo, Panadura, Beruwela, Galle, Dickwella, Weligama, Matara, Thihariya, Kahatowita, Eravur, Valachchenai, Geli Oya and Gampola.

His Holiness is scheduled to deliver four public lectures. The first "Tolerance in Islam' will be held in Galle on January 9.

The second public lecture on 'Islam and Humanity' will be held in Colombo on January 11 at the Bishop's College Auditorium. The third 'Woman are Men's Sisters' will be exclusively for ladies, at the Galle Face Hotel, on January 14 while the last public lecture 'Youth in the Omerian Thought' (after Islam's second Khaleefa Hazreth Omar bin al Khattab) will be on Sunday January 18. The venue for this lecture will be notified shortly.

His Holiness is also expected to meet the President and the Prime Minister. His Holiness will attend a reception by the Mayor of Colombo at the Town Hall on 16th January.

His Holiness will be accompanied by His Holiness' only son Al Seyyid Ash Sheik Muhammad Ajwad Al Fassy who is a young lawyer, practising in Jeddah. His Holiness has two daughters, Al Seyyidah Dr. Hatoon Ajwad Al Fassi, Professor of History at the King Saud University, Rihydh and Al Seyyidah Hawazen Ajwad Al Fassi, a Poet, the release further states.


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