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Near normalcy in hospital services

According to information received from different parts of the island, the hospital services throughout the country are functioning almost normally with the volunteering of labour by various organizations, institutions and individuals including school children and relatives of patients, thereby almost nullifying the ill-effects caused by the week-long health services strike.

The Ministerial sub-committee which was appointed on the initiative of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, to solve the problems relating to the health employees strike has taken steps to appeal to the nation to render all possible help to keep the hospital services functioning uninterrupted.

Such volunteers from various quarters and belonging to various walks of life were seen attending to patients and cleaning hospital toilets, wards, drainage system and doing clerical work in order to keep the hospital services function smoothly. Students of Dharmaraja College, Kandy, Anuradhapura Nivanthakachetiya Vidyalaya and many other schools of remote areas came forward to keep the patients in comfort.

In the Badulla Hospital 50 volunteers belonging to the Hospital Committee together with approximately 500 individual volunteers helped to keep affairs going on, said Badulla UC Chairman M. D. A. Hemachandra.

In the Rattota District Hospital, the Rattota Pradeshiya Sabha employees were seen attending to sanitary conveniences.In Gampaha Base Hospital, Gampaha UC Member Bonnie Perera (UNP) rose up to the occasion to assist Post Mortem Examinations. The Special Ministerial Committee is scheduled to meet today (25) to have further discussions to end the strike.

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