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South African radio presenter suspended over Sri Lankan cricket jibes

Sa'adi Thawfeeq reporting from South Africa

DURBAN, Wednesday - A popular radio presenter here has been suspended for two days after his on-air comments on the Sri Lanka cricket team caused much consternation among listeners.

The presenter Daryl Illbury bowled a bouncer on Tuesday morning in his Breakfast Show program after he referred to the victorious Sri Lankans in a derogatory manner.

Post and East Coast Radio were innundated with calls from irate listeners reported the 'Post' newspaper today, who complained bitterly about his choice of words when describing the tie in the rain affected World Cup Group 'B' between Sri Lanka and South Africa. The tie saw the Proteas knocked out the competition and Illbury went on air saying: "They (the Sri Lankans) should get out of our shores", "Their mothers are men", "They have long stupid names" as well as some sexually explicit jokes at the expense of the Lankans.

An Indian plant manager of a construction company who heard the comments in his car radio was quoted in the 'Post' as saying: "My wife was with me and I was embarrassed by his comments. He spoilt our morning. I heard him apologise but it did not make a difference to me".

The station has been playing a recording of Illbury's apology throughout the day, the 'Post' said.

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