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The dawn of Vesak 1997 saw the launch of Beyond the Net a comprehensive Web Site on Theravada Buddhism set up and managed in Sri Lanka. Ever since its inception, Beyond the Net has continued to serve thousands of its readers world over disseminating the Dhamma in its purest form in the true spirit of a 'Dhamma Dana' and is now ready to launch its newest Version with a complete new look and feel and upgraded with cutting edge technology.

Entering the Web Site through the dynamic flash depicting the stark realities of life from birth to death amidst the sound of thunder and lightning drives home the true nature of conditional existence gearing the mind of any reader to the right mood for reflections on the lofty contents of this Site.

Thereafter, the Home Page with the colossal Ruwanweli Seya standing in a serene background to the music of the well known song "Dhanno Budunge" creates an air of nostalgia reiterating Sri Lanka's continued contribution towards fostering Buddha Sasana and propagating the Dhamma for the benefit of the many world over.

One could visit "Life of the Buddha in Pictures" a colourful array of pictures depicting the life of the Buddha. The late Ven. Piyadassi Nayaka Maha Thera of Vajirarama, one of the world's most eminent bhikkhus, introduces Buddhism as a religion, science, psychology and a philosophy.

The Fundamental Concepts of Dhamma are presented by Bhikkhu Bodhi, an American bhikkhu residing in Kandy. Bhikkhu Bodhi is the President and Editor of the Buddhist Publication Society and a world renowned author in Theravada Buddhism. He covers Dhamma both in breadth and depth ranging from the Noble eightfold Path through the true nature of existence, Trilogy of Anicca Dukkha Anatta, Theory of Rebirth & Kamma, Theory of Dependent Arising to Nibbana.

The 'Noble Quest' is dedicated to the writings of Venerable Bhikkhu K. Nananandana who writes from his remote hermitage Pahankanuwa in Devalagama. The "Noble Quest" contains from "Topsy Turvydom to Wisdom", "Mind Stilled", "Towards Calm & Insight" and "Publications". "Mind Stilled" is a rare collection of sermons to meditative monks delivered by him at the Meethirigala Forest Hermitage. "From Topsy Turvydom to Wisdom" contains a collection of creative short essays on the teachings of the Buddha.

'Towards Calm and Insight' is food for thought for those in search of serenity and insight. Noble Quest also presents Ven. Nanananda's priceless writings in Sinhala and English which are published as a dhamma dana by the Dharma Grantha Mudrana Trust.

These include "Towards a Better World" his recent English translation of "Lowada Sangarawa", "Pahankanuwa Dhammadesana", the Poya day sermons delivered by him at Pahan Kanuwa and many more. You may download your copy from the Site.

Ven. Bhikkhu Nanananda is the author of a number of world renowned books such as "The Magic of the Mind" in which he compares the illusionary nature of the mind to a magician, "Concept and Reality" etc.

Meditation has been presented as a practical guide to Serenity and Insight Mediation by Mr. Mithra Wettimuny the test cricketer, corporate leader cum meditation teacher. The animated graphics presented in the Site depicting the fundamental concepts of Vippassana Meditation by themselves are most pertinent objects for contemplation.

"The Dhamma Way" is an application of Dhamma in daily life. The readers will be enthralled by the wide range of topics dealt with under "The Dhamma Way" such as "Buddhism in Modern Management Techniques", "Buddhist Perspective of Martial Discord", a veteran soldier and a Dhamma writer, Major General Ananda Weerasekara's in-depth study on "Buddhism and Soldiering" and his creative writing based on the scripts entitled "Metta's Questions."

'Saddha' presents the key Buddhist places of worship in Sri Lanka with its historical background. Entering 'Saddha' through the animated graphics to the traditional sound of 'hevisi and drums' is a solemn invitation to all Buddhists world over to experience the pious vibrations of these most venerated places which would undoubtedly help to develop 'saddha,' a key tool for treading this arduous Path toward liberation.

BEYOND THE NET has donated web space to the Buddhist Publications Society of Sri Lanka which presents its regular mailings (including its Newsletters and Publications) and a catalogue of their Buddhist Publications. This Home Page also serves as the official Web Site for BPS. (

Beyond the net has also donated web space to 'Dhamma Kuta' - the only Sri Lankan Meditation Centre conducted by Goenkaji. Dhamma Kuta presents its Course Schedule and also gives you the opportunity of enroling for Courses through Net.


The latest Version of the Site is the fruition of the untiring efforts of a dedicated group of professionals of Lanka On-Line (Private) Limited led by the Project Manager Mr. Sanath Wanniarachchi guided by B.P. de Silva Ceylon Ltd. LoL which hosts and maintains the Site is the pioneer internet content provider in Sri Lanka and a leading software development company who is at the forefront of providing real-time information delivery systems leveraging web-based technologies. LoL who specializes in building dynamic and highly interactive portals and applications was recently honoured with ISO 9001 Status.

Beyond the Net is an act of benevolence by B.P. de Silva Holdings Pte Ltd of Singapore, who owns the copyrights to the Site and the Site is managed by B.P. De Silva Ceylon Ltd.

Beyond the Net can by accessed at ''

This Site will sure lead you beyond the Net of Suffering!


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