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Maha Kumbabeshekam at Sri Sithi Vinayagar Temple

by Chelvathamby Maniccavasagar

Maha Kumbabeshekam is a ceremony which bestows sanctity and power to the statues in Hindu temples. It has been said in the Vedas that performing Maha Kumbabishkam to the statues and Navagiraga and Lord Ganesha it will pave the way for peace, unity, sanctity, amity and prosperity among all communities.

In every Hindu temple there is a sanctum dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Hindus bow their heads in reverence and make their first appearance to Lord Ganesha in all ritualistic worship. Hindus always invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha before they embark on any activities. Vinayaga, Ganapathy, Vigneswara and Pillaiyar are soje of the common names given to Lord Ganesha.

Sri Siththinayagar Temple at Alaveddy Perumankadavai which was build in 1840 by late Mr. Veerakathy Murugesar held its consecration ceremony (Maha Kumbabesekam) on Monday 8th April, 2002.

This temple which was built by Mr. Murugesar during the colonial period expanded its activities during his son late Mr. Rajakaraya Singaraya Ambalavana Mudaliyar who was a reputed civil servant during the Governor Twynam. Mr. Ambalavana Mudaliyar who was not only a popular civil servant, but was also in charge of vast administrative district, stretching from Kankesanthurai Veeramanikka Devanturai to Thavadi.

During Mr. Ambalavanar's period a lot of buildings were constructed with a lotus pond near the temple. Besides, he got down eminent priests well versed in Agamas from South India particularly from Thanjavur and Kumbakonam and performed regular poojas and animal festivals.

Perama Sri Markanda Kurukal, Thiagarajah Kurigal, Muhandiram Satha Siva Aiyar were the reputed priests who performed regular poojas to the greatest satisfaction of the devotees. Besides, Late Mr. Renganathan QC, late Mr. W.M. Coomaraswamy who is the founder of the North Ceylon Music Society, Civil Servant Mr. E. Rasiah and former Commissioner of Inland Revenue were particularly responsible for the progress of this temple in every way. They contributed immensely for the improvement of this temple.

In this temple great musicians also participated and gave religious discourse. They were Arudkavi Alavaiyar Sanjeevi C. Vinasithamby, former Jaffna College Music Lecturer T. Ponnambalam and Kalai Chelvi C. Ponnambalam.

Though this temple was under the administration of Sri Ambalavana Mudaliyar, Mr. Sinnaththambar, Mr. Kandiah and Mr. Nadarajah this historical and ancient temple is now managed by Mr. Nadarajah Sivarajah who is the Managing Trustee of this temple and his two sons are trustees of this temple.

In fact, lot of restoration and reconstruction works were done from time to time with the financial assistance of devotees and good hearted souls to this temple.



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