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Wednesday, 21 November 2001  
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Tyronne urges President to divulge pact with EPDP

UNP Colombo district Candidate Tyronne Fernando addressing a meeting in Sirikotha urged the PA to divulge the pact with the EPDP which recently claimed that they work to establish `a Kingdom of Eelam'.

"This is a serious question that we should not let go oversight. The nation demands a firm clarification on this matter from the PA. Even the Maha Nayaka Theras should also pay an attention on this," he said.

Tyronne Fernando said that according to the 13th amendment to the Constitution all members of parliament are under oath to protect the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the country. Therefore Devanandas pronouncement of their aim to create an 'Eelam State' tantamount to violation of the Constitution. In that context Sri Lanka's President has no right to have any dealing with a party or a person whose ultimate objective is to have a separate state.

Speaking further Fernando said that the seriousness and the gravity of the statement made by Devananda become much greater as it has come from a person holding a Cabinet portfolio under the Kumaratunga regime.

He further said the electoral alliance that Devananda is having with Chandrika has become a major threat to the conduct of election in the North.

Fernando further went on to say that it is unfortunate and sad that Chandrika's stance on this national issue through out her political career had been rife with duplicity, opportunism, deception and lies.

She pause herself to the international community as a peace maker. Domestically she is warrior ready to espouse the Sinhala cause. "In 1998 February she giving an interview to Anthony Spaeth journalist of the prestigious 'Time' magazine said that she offered an extraordinary incentive package to Prabhakaran, in which she offered him the right to rule the merged North East for 10 years without facing an election provided he is prepared to shun violence. According to her she has even consented with Prabhakaran to allow him to form a police force from his fighting cadres.

"She has also said in this interview that she did not get any positive response from Prabhakaran for this benevolent offer she made. It is a sad fate of this country for the President to have made this offer to Prabhakaran on the very same year which marked the Golden Jubilee of Sri Lankan Independence.

"Taken this offer she made in 1998 together with Devananda's statement it is quite reasonable for any one to believe that EPDP leader made this pronouncement with the knowledge of the President.

If not she should make an immediate denial and end all connection with EPDP Fernando said.

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