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Mihintalava - The Birthplace of Sri Lankan Buddhist Civilization

Govt. - LTTE Ceasefire Agreement

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The Fort Railway Station was virtually deserted yesterday, except for a few policemen and passengers, as rail workers began a strike. No trains operated yesterday, inconveniencing thousands of office workers and schoolchildren. Buses could not cope with the extra crowds who spilled over to the roads from rail stations. - Picture by Dudley Wickramasinghe

Business, industry severely hit by rail strike

by Ranil Wijayapala

The business and industrial sectors have been severely affected by the current countrywide rail strike, which enters its second day with the unions accusing the Government of intransigence, corruption and waste and trying to ruin the Railway as it has done to Sathosa.
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Magistrate tells Ministers SB and Mahinda :

Advise your sons to behave properly in public

by Sarath Malalasekera

Colombo Fort Magistrate and Additional District Judge Sarath C. Karunaratne yesterday told Agriculture, Livestock and Samurdhi Minister S. B. Dissanayake that as a person holding a very important position in the country he should advise his sons to behave properly in public.
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UN chief hopes talks will resume

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has expressed the hope that the that the peace talks in Sri Lanka will resume.|
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CP to give critical support to Alliance

The Communist Party of Sri Lanka said in a media communique yesterday that it will continue to remain a constituent party of the People's Alliance
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LTTE expresses 'serious concern' over Indo-Lanka defence pact

(TamilNet, January 26, 2004)

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has expressed serious concern over the envisaged Indo-Sri Lankan Defence Agreement (DCA) arguing that it could have far-reaching negative consequences for the current peace process, sources told TamilNet Monday.
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