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Avirate Café opened between 7.30am and 9pm, renowned for their 95% fat free Froyo and delectable macaroons stands as a coffee house and tea salon hybrid that offers a convivial atmosphere to their customers of all ages.

The cafe is warm, refined and elegant, suitable for all causal outings. It rooms with unique décor inspired by the stark interior of the store comprising of wooden and glossy white tiled floors, textured dull gold fixtures and arty silhouettes.

Focusing on a variety of treats which are considered fast moving, the café prides itself on serving items that are of French and Italian decent and more importantly, uniquely Sri Lankan. The hot and cold coffees in particular are very popular amongst the early bird and afternoon incumbents of the café. The 'Expresso Oro' coffee bean used is an Italian medium roast coffee bean produced by Café Molinari. The perfect mixture of this blend gives the beverage voluminous body, creaminess and aroma for those coffee-holic palates.

Like wineries that pair food with wine, the café's breakfast items are graciously and impeccably matched with the beverages, some of the hot favourites being waffles with various toppings, croissants, bagels, cinnamon rolls and the Nutella and banana sandwich. Some of the fast moving coffees, shakes, smoothies, and frozen drinks are: white mocha hazelnut latte, iced caramel macchiato, cookies and cream, tropical smoothie, very berry smoothie, chocó nut mint, milo dinosaur, cucumber and lemon slush, with the best tea from its own paradise isle.

For a quick and tasty lunch one needs to try the amazing sandwiches such as smoke chicken submarine, and the grilled chicken and cheese sandwich, and for dessert the chocolate mousse, chocolate biscuit pudding and brownies are to DIE for.

Due to the hard work and dedication, the consistency of taste and quality has been the same and there for the customers keep coming back for more. Going back to the Froyo, it's the best in the country, its fat free and low sugar, with six flavours which are Blueberry, Strawberry, Chocolate, Mango, Banana, and Plain.

For the flavour of the day one can always check the café Facebook page to find out. Also available are liquid toppings, dry toppings, and fruit topping with waffle cones.

"Due to high foot falls at the café, we are now looking to expand it across Colombo, and provide a bigger space for our customers", CEO Younoos added.



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